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Does cast iron rust?


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Yes it does rust.

Ductile iron has better corrosion resistance than gray cast iron. Some alloy cast iron has better corrosion reisistance. However, any cast iron will rust without any surface treatment.

There are many types of surface treatments that can pretect iron castings from rust, such as primer painting, surface painting, electophoretic coating and zink galvanizing etc. As for the detailed information about surface coatings of metal castings, please refer to the links below "Surface Coating of Iron Castings ".


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Rust is the oxidation of the cast iron. Oxygen in the air combines with the base metal to create the rust. The rust protects the metal underneath. Cast iron is not "reacting" to rust. It is participating in FORMING the rust. ************** previous answer below *************** Very well as the rust actually protects the base metal

yes both wrought iron and cast iron rust. they must be treated and properly maintained.

Cast iron furniture will rust over time. However, one can buy a specialized brush set intended to remove rust from furniture.

It depends on the Iron, and the conditions in which it is placed.

We do not produce 100% pure Iron., there are always inperfections. 100% pure Iron does not rust as cast Iron does.

No they will not get rust they are not iron to get rust. only iron get rust.

Rust is caused when oxygen reacts with iron.Iron oxide does not cause rust, it is rust.

To clean cast iron use hot water and a cloth or sponge. Dry the cast iron right away. You should not use soap, and you should never soak cast iron or it will rust.

Iron does rust by reacting with oxygen.

You should cover cast iron furniture when it's raining. It can cause rust otherwise.

Iron compounds do not rust. Iron and its alloys can rust. Although other metals can corrode it is usually only called rust when it is iron that is corroding.

Liquids do not rust, iron does, rust is Hydrated Iron (III) oxide, so the only substance which can rust iron is water

Rust is an iron oxide, Fe2O3.

Yes Iron ( Fe has the liability to rust when in contact in water, the reaction erupts the iron to rust.

Yes, cast iron tables are very especially susceptible to rust in high humidity climates. The good side, is that if you constantly monitor the table then it is easy to scrub off small amounts of accumulated rust with no problems.

Iron ores are frequently iron oxides and don't rust.

Rust is iron oxide. So when iron oxidizes you get rust. So iron and steel (iron and carbon) are prone to this happening while metal like aluminum well not rust.

soda does not make iron rust ...

Iron is an element; rust is a compound of iron, hydroxide and oxygen.

No, the iron reacts with oxygen to create iron oxide (rust).

There is 1 Iron atom and 2 oxogen atoms in Iron rust.

Rust is different because, RUST IS MADE UP OF OXYGEN & IRON!!!

It depends on what you mean by "heavier." Rust is less dense than iron. However, if you allow 1 gram of iron to rust completely, you will have more than 1 gram of rust. if we have equal volume of pure iron and rust (ferric oxide) then rust is lighter than iron.

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