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A chaqnge of the state of matter is allways a physical change.

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What is true about all physical changes that involve a change in state?

All physical changes involve a change in state of matter. Physical changes can be undone and the material can resume its original state of matter.

What is changes in physical change?

physical change is change in the physical properties of matter that does not involve a change in its composition

What is the difference between physical changes and physical properties?

Physical property of an object is any property which can be measured and describes the physical state of matter. On the other hand, physical change, is a change which does not involve any chemical reaction. Example - change in state of matter.

Does a physical change occurs when matter changes state?

no physical change does not change matter

How do chemical changes differ from physical changes?

When matter undergoes a chemical change, the composition of the matter changes. When matter undergoes a physical change, composition of the matter remains the same.

Which property of a substance is not affected by physical changes?

All substances have distinct physical and chemical properties, and may undergo physical or chemical changes. Physical properties, such as hardness and boiling point, and physical changes, such as melting or freezing, do not involve a change in the composition of matter.

What do you mean by change of matter?

There are 2 kinds of changes,they are physical and chemical changes.Physical Change-is a change in the form of matter but in it's identity.Chemical Change-is a change in which one kind of matter is changed in to a different type of matter.

What are the changes that matter undergoes?

the changes that matter undergoes are the physical and chemical change by:R.yu

What are the changes that matter undergo?

it has a chemical change and physical change

How do physical changes differ from chemical changes?

physical changes change the color, shape, or state of matter. chemical change is the change from one substance to another.

How are physical and chemical changes alike?

*Both are changes.*Both involve changes in state of matter.*Both can affect in different ways.

What is it called when matter changes?

Physical change, if it changes in a way to be seen, or chemical change, which if the change can not be seen

What is a physical change of matter?

A physical change in matter occurs when the shape or form of matter changes, but there is no chemical reaction. If someone were to melt a sugar cube, that would be an example of a physical change.

Why are change of state physical changes?

Changes of state are physical changes because in changes of state, matter converts between solids, liquids or gases. Physical changes are changes in how something looks, or its physicality. Conversion between solids, liquids, or gases change how matter looks. So, changes of states are physical changes.

What are two kinds of changes in matter?

Physical change and Chemical change

What are phisycal changes in matter?

Physical changes are changes that only change the appearance of an object, but not the type of matter. For example, if a metal bike rusts the bike will still remain a solid. That is a physical change.

Why is the boiling of water a physical change if water changes from liquid to a gas?

A physical change is a change that its form or appearance of matter changes but not its composition. Boiling water is a physical change because you only change the temperature but the matter is still water. By- Ashaparekh44

If water is boiling is it a chemical change or a physical change?

It is a physical change. All phase changes are physical, not chemical. The chemical composition of water does not change when it changes from a liquid to a gas, or for that matter, to a solid.

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