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== == * Yes, in some dogs. I feed my dogs twice a day (once in the morning and once at dinnertime.) I find it stops too much acid in their stomach and vets do agree with this. I also use good brands of dog food (ask your vet or go Holistic) and mix hard with tinned food. You never just change a diet, but introduce the new brand of food a little at a time with the old brand. Some dogs are just sensitive to change. I would take your dog into the vets to be sure that is what it is and that your pet doesn't have other health issues. Some dogs can have a sensitive larynx. If the dog is older it could also be bad teeth. Get that general check-up for your dog. * When you switch a dog to a different brand of food you should always gradually introduce it over a span of 1 or 2 weeks. If you don't the dog could get sick. I suggest you feed a high quality food like Canidae, Wellness, Solid Gold, Fromm, Natural Balance, and Eagle Pack just to name a few. These foods don't have any of the bad ingredients that might cause your dog to get sick like corn by-products, wheat, gluten, soy, and dyes. You will see an improvement with in weeks. Stay away from grocery store brands they might be why your dog is feeling sick.

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Q: Does changing a dog's brand of food cause him to gag?
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What does it mean when your dogs poop is red?

Take it to a vet! Dogs may do this when you change a brand of their food too quickly or another cause would be something more serious.

What food gives dogs diarrhea?

Usually changing the dogs food or giving it human food if they run free they can eat anything and get sick

What is a good dog food brand that won't upset your dogs stomach?

If your dog has a sensitive stomach, a good dog food brand that probably won't upset it's stomach is Iams. It's a dry food brand and has it for small, medium, and large dogs.

What brand of dog food do dogs prefer?

You jut need to try diffrent ones. Dogs dont all like the same food.

What can cause diarrhea in dogs?

Diarrhea in dogs can be caused an infection, worms, or diet changes. Another cause can be food allergies. Dogs often eat garbage or food not meant for them, such as chocolate.

Does hot dogs cause cancer to dogs?

No, they do not, but regular human food isn't good for your dogs.

Is Canidae a quality brand dog food?

Canidae is a quality brand of dog food in comparison to other dogs food out on the market. Canidae is a quality brand of dog food produced in the United States and mainly sold in the United States.

Why does dogs like dog treats?

cause they think its food

Can commercial dog food cause diabetes in dogs?


Can you add oil to your dogs food?

Adding oil to your dogs food is something that can cause stomach upset. The oil gets stuck in the intestines, and can cause diarrhea and other digestive issues.

What medicines can be purchased for anti-itching in dogs?

First look at changing the diet. Certain ingredients in dog food causes allergies. Itching all the time is a direct result from diet. Medicines are a temporary fix. I know for a fact that food that contains wheat can cause yeast infections in dogs and that can be a primary cause of the itching. There are more causes, but you get the idea. Take care and good luck.

Are dogs allowed milk?

Cow's milk causes diarrhea in dogs and is of no nutritional value to them. Feed a good brand name of dry dog food, not a cheap generic dog food.

What do chihuahua's eat?

regular dog food... cause they're dogs.

What foods cause diarrhea in dogs?

any type of fried food

What do the dogs eat for dog food?

they eat cause my mom saaid ]

What is the best brand of food for you?

I feed my dogs nutrience. they love it and it makes there fur really soft and shiny

Does wellness brand dog food test on animals?

There is no harmful testing done on animals by Wellness brand dog food. There have been test on animals for taste purposes before foods are marketed. The test are for the appeal of the dog food to dogs.

Is coffee a food that will cause heartburn?

Any food or drink containing acids will cause heartburn. Coffee is definitely a food that may cause heartburn in some individuals. It is high in acid. Consider changing to decaf to eliminate this problem.

What brand of food is the best for poodles?

They best food you can feed any dog is Nutro. It is very healthy and the dogs love the taste. Thanks ERIC

How much do you have to pay for dog food monthly?

The cost ranges from the brand and where you buy the food. I have seen a can of dog food range from a 1.00 more between stores. Brand is very important as well. I have three dogs and feed them can food in the morning with dry food. I probably spend a 100.00+ a month.

What are the services offered by Ol Roy?

Ol Roy is a brand that offers dog food, this dog food it is know for being cheap and affordable for many people, you can find it from Walmart to a petshop. It is distinguished for its big variety of products as for small dogs, medium dogs, big dogs, and from puppy's to old dogs

What brand of wet cat food is least likely to cause allergies in cats?

Natural Balance

Can dogs eat fish food?


What type of dog food do beagle dogs eat?

Dogs can eat any brand of trusty, reliable dog food brands. There is no specific one for beagles however if your dog has medical issues, then contact a vet to find out the best type of dog food for it.

Can you put paprika on your dogs food?

You can, but unless you want to hurt your dog, you shouldn't. Paprika is known to cause irritations on the dogs skin and their eyes, and many dogs are allergic to it.