Does changing the size of a basketball affect ho high it bounces?


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First: I think you mean *how

Second: Yes it should. I have not tested this myself but i think it would. because the bigger Basketball the more materials needed so making it heavier. PEACE!

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Answer Yes. A basketball with no air will not bounce as much as a basketball with the right amount of air .

No, color does not affect how high a ball bounces.

Yes. A full basketball with medium to high pressure will clearly bounce higher than a flat basketball with low pressure.

yes,The air pressure in a basketball does effect how high it bounces because the mor u get in the more u get out enjoy

100% YES! The colder it is the less it bounces and the hotter it is the more it bounces.

a heated basketball bounces higher. DUHHHH!?

As long as they have the same density and mass, size will not affect it

yes because if it is heivgh it will bouce low

The mocules for cold air are slower so it makes it not bounce as high and the normal temperature bounces higher.

After the second shot when it bounces off the rim.

The size of a soccer ball does not affect how high it bounces because gravity pulls down a ball at the same, no matter what size it is.

Composition/density of the ball, gravity, and the hardness of the surface against which it was thrown.

Yes. Energy absorbed by the surface, is energy that is not available for the bounce.

Temperature plays a role in how high a ball bounces. The colder it is, the less the ball compresses when bounces which produces less height when bounced. The warmer it is, the more the ball will compress which will in turn cause it to bounce higher.

The hotter the ball is the higher it bounces. This is because the air in the ball heats up and expands. This tightens the skin and gives the ball a higher elastic potential

how high are the basketball rings? how high are the basketball rings? how high are the basketball rings?

Yes because of the balls energy, potential that turns into kinetic that makes a ball bounce.

The ball becomes super charged when hot and better to play tennis with when cold

If a ball is more deflated it provides more resistance for the energy to transfer into upwards motion

You measure it with your hinus

the height from which it was dropped

Absolutly. There are five factors that affect how high a ball bounces; mass, shape, friction, impact velocity, and the coefficient of restitution. The coefficient of restituition is the material property that tells you how much energy is lost from the object during impact. It is this property that is most important to your question.

Not to any appreciable extent. Bounce is caused by the elasticity of the material comprising the ball and the surface on which it is bounced.For example, on concrete a basketball will bounce higher than a baseball, but a golf ball--How high it bounces depends on how much force you exert on it. If you only let it drop, it will not bounce higher that the point you dropped it from and every time it bounces, it will go less and less high. anyway, the bigger the ball, the more force you will have to exert on it to make it bounce higher than the point it was dropped, or "bounced" from.

Talking on the likeness of theory it is likely that different balls hence diffence in the matrial it is made of so yes it will affect the bounce

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