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There is some suggestion that lip balms do not work because they keep the moisture out. Some people suggest using a slice of cucumber on the lips works well.

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How do you fix chapped lips?

To fix chapped lips you need to keep them hydrated. Using chap stick or Vaseline on chapped lips can help them heal as well as protect them.

What is the treatment of dryness of lips specially in winter?

Chap stick or other lip balm can help.

What can you do to help your burning dry lips?

The best way is to use chap stick with UV sun protection. Blistex also works well. chapstick. neosporin actually works really well just dont eat it. :)

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Ouch your lips hurt and there is pink around your lips?

They sound dry. Try using chap stick or Vaseline. If this doesnt help, go and see your chemist or doctor.

Do chaped lips mean that you are thirsty?

Yes, chapped lips means that your body is screaming HELP HELP! IM THIRSTY!

What is the difference between Chapstick and Lip Gloss?

Chap stick is used to help dry and cracked lips whereas lip gloss is used to make lips look fuller and shinier! hope i could help

Do Smackers help with chapped lips?

blistex is the best for chapped lips you should use a moisturizing lip balm that comes from natural ingredients like mentha you can get it at bath and body works if you dont have their store nearby look online

Can you take mucinex while taking accutane?

Yes. My derm even suggested taking it as it can help with the chapped lips.

What fish oils can help arthritis?

Can they even help arthritis? I know that calandula oil help very dry, chapped hands as i used itmyslefand now my hands are extremely soft

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If you put lip gloss over anything to smooth your lips will your lips still get smoother?

no. direct application is needed. in fact, most lip glosses are not even made to hold a long term effect in the first place, such as when they wear off. Some have hydrating qualities which can help make your lips smooth, but if your lip are rough an chapped use real chap stick. Lip gloss is mostly purely for looks and when it wears off, your lovely lips may need some real attention!

Your lips hurt how do you stop them from hurting you?

It depends on how you feel.Is it chapped or is it just hurting?Do you feel a burn?If serious ask your doctor..... Or you can also put American Vaseline. it works for me :) That anwer doesn't help at all. If they are chapped, put chapstick on them. (Neutrogena Norwegian formula is the best.)

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Does petroleum jelly lip gloss help chapped lips?

Some people on this site claim it worked for them. If it doesn't work for you, there are many other ideas.

How do you help chapped lips?

You should make sure you aren't licking your lips. That could cause the lip tissue to rip more. You should take care of your lips gently by using an unscented chap stick to be applied to your lips. I am not a doctor or anything but if day after day your lips are chapping worse and worse, you may want to see a doctor if they are looking gross or ugly. ( that last sentence kind of sounded harsh so don't take it to heart.) :{) FYI. NOTE : That face is supposed to look like a smiley face with lips.

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Why was chapstick invented?

Chapstick was invented to help prevent chapped lips. Without chapstick it would be very difficult to maintain keeping you're lips protected and healthy

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How do you get rid of lip discoloration?

Mostly people use lip appliances to help lip discoloration, such as meticated chap stick or even just the regular. It takes time but it works!! Sometimes discoloration in the lips occur when too much make up is on your lips such as lip stick or lip gloss .Try to stay away from those things for a while and see what the results are.

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