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Q: Does charlie brookes real life brother work on eastenders?
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What is Darren in Eastenders real life name?

Charlie G. Hawkins.

Is Toby and charlie from Good Luck Charlie brother and sister in real life?


Are Lauren branning and peter beale from eastenders going out in real life?

no. Madeline Duggan (Lauren), is dating Charlie Roberts.

Is pj and teddy are brother and sister?

In the Disney show, Good Luck Charlie the characters PJ and Teddy are brother and sister. The actors are not brother and sister in real life.

Are Lacey Turner and Charlie Clements a couple?

Their characters in EastEnders are a couple but not in real life.He Is Dating 18 year old Annabelle Lizzie Thompkins after meeting her in the BBC Canteen. She was also seen leaving with Charlie hand in hand after the live episode of Eastenders had aired.She is on Facebook.

Who wrote the debbie Boone song You Light Up My Life?

Joe brookes

How old is is the little brother on Good Luck Charlie?

In real life he's about to be 11 in November 3,2010!

Is max or charlie carver gay in real life?

In the third season of Teen Wolf, Charlie Carver plays the character of Ethan, a gay identical teen brother, who is also a member of the Alpha pack. Charlie has not made a public statement about his sexual orientation in real life.

What is Good Luck Charlie all about?

its about a family of 5- bob(dad)Amy(mom)pj(oldest brother)teddy(oldest sister)gabe(younger brother)- and bob and Amy have another child named charlie(girl) and they show their life

What age is jay brown from eastenders?

In Eastenders he is supposed to be 14 but in real life he is 16

Is masood a Muslim in eastenders in real life?

No not in real life.

How old is bobbie beale eastenders?

in eastenders 6 or 7 in real life i have no idea

What is the climax in the death and life of charlie st cloud?

his brother died in a car axedenit and that they play with each other outside all the time and charlie falls in love with this girl that's all ways on a boat

Will Bradley come back to life in eastenders?


Did Pay from Eastenders die in real life?

no she did not

What is Honey's real name in EastEnders?

In Eastenders Honey is called Susan Mitchel her real life name is Emma Barton.

What is Charlie St Cloud about?

It's about a person named Charlie St. Cloud. The movie starts off while he is a graduating senior. He and his little brother are extremely close. They are actually sailing partners. Charlie is the best sailor in the town. Charlie's little brother loves baseball. So, Charlie made a deal that they would meet each day at sunset cannons and if the little brother (Sam) left him waiting, the deal was off. Well, Charlie's 2 friends are shipping off in a week for the marines and one of them invited Charlie to a party graduating night. Charlie is left in charge of babysitting his brother. He tries to leave for the party, his brother asks him to take him to a friends house, and that's when things go awry. They get into a car accident and both die, but Charlie is brought back to life by the paramedic while his brother remains dead. At the memorial, Charlie is about to drop Sam's ball glove over the casket but hears Sam's voice in the distance along with the cannons going off. He runs off to the meeting place, and sees his brother there waiting on Charlie. Sam had become stuck in limbo. Later on, a girl comes along and Charlie starts to fall for her. She's a sailor who is about to enter a big sailing race. She sails off one day to test her boat. She ends up crashing and dying but Charlie doesn't know of that until later. He ends up spending time with her spirit that is stuck in limbo as well. He sets seas off to find her knowing she could still be able to live.

How old is Lola from eastenders in real life?


Does Lauren in eastenders have a boyfriend in real life?

No she is single.

How old is abby from eastenders in real life?

She is 13.

Is bianca in eastenders Tiffany's mum in real life?


Is jay and ben on eastenders real life brothers?


Are Ronnie and Roxy sisters in real life aprt from eastenders?

No they are not related in real life.

What is Eastenders' Syed's sexual orientation in real life?

Syed is straight in real life.

Are Jay and Abi from EastEnders going out in real life?

No they aren't dating in real life.