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Does child support count as a debt?

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Not ususally, but it really depends upon the issues involved. For example, child support obligations are not considered debts when it pertains to bankruptcy.

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Can you go bankrupt on a child support debt?

No - child support debts are not discharged in bankruptcy.

Does debt cancel out child support and alimony?


Does stepmother income count toward stepchilds child support?

In this state, a stepmother's income does not count toward a stepchild's child support.

Can you put child support in a bankruptcy?

You have to list child support arrears as a debt and you have to list child support payments in the budget. Child support arrears cannot be discharged, however.

When a father owes child support and enters a common law relationship does the common law wife have to share the debt of paying child support?

No, the debt is all his.

Can a vehicle be count of child support?

I hope you are not giving it to the child

Does SSI count as income for child support?


Can a debt consolidation help you pay off my child support debt?

Debt consolidation schemes are almost never a good idea. Also, keep in mind that there is no statute of limitations on collecting unpaid child support, and unpaid support is not discharged in bankruptcy.

Could you get child support from someone who is on ssi?

SSI does not count as income for child support purposes and child support cannot be garnished from SSI payments.

Where on a 1040a does child support income go?

It doesn't. Child support does not count as income and is not taxable for the recipient.

Can your wages be garnished for child support and past debt?


If the child support is retro does it matter if the father file for bankrupt?

Child support debt cannot be charged off in a bankruptcy.

Can child support arrears stop?

In most cases, no, child support collection cannot be stopped until the debt is fully paid.

Is a spouse responsible for the other spouses child support debt if they are deceased?


Do you have to pay child support for the rest of your life?

You need to review your particular child support order for the terms and length of your obligation. If you owe back child support the debt remains until it is paid.

Can you claim child support on taxes?

Child support cannot be claimed on taxes. A payer of child support may be able to claim the child as a dependent, but the payments are not tax deductible or count as taxable income.

Does spouse income count in Indiana for child support?

No, only the biological parents pay for their child.

Can you file bankruptcy against a divorce order in North Carolina?

Whether you can eliminate a debt that resulted from a divorce decree will depend on the type of debt. If you owe child support or alimony from a divorce then you will not be able to eliminate the debt in bankruptcy. If the divorce assigned some debt to you as part of the divorce and it was not assigned as child support or alimony then you may be able to eliminate the debt in a Chapter 13 bankruptcy. Chapter 13 bankruptcy allows you to eliminate debt assigned to you that is in the nature of a property settlement and not child support or alimony.

Can your tax refund be taken if you owe back child support?

If you owe back child support, yes, your tax refund can be taken to repay that debt.

Is unpaid child support a debt Evan after parent dies?

Yes, and continuing child support owed after in states like Missouri where death is not a justiable cause for not paying support.

Can a debt collector take away child support that is being paid to you?

shure why not

Does the new spouse's income count for child support calculation in California?


Can child support take your land or home if you are behind on child support?

You will need to check with a lawyer in your jurisdiction, as the nature of failure to pay child support debt varies from state to state. At the very least, I suspect that you can have a lien placed against your property/home for the amount of back child support (i.e. liens indicate debt owed when the property is sold). I would find it very unlikely that a child support debt would allow for forced sale of a primary residence, though I could easily see that forced sale of "investment" property to satisfy a child support debt could be possible. Once again, please consult and actual Family Law attorney.

If your children are not living with their mother and she still gets child support Is this illegal?

obviously its not legal, because if she's asking for child SUPPORT that means she needs you to support her while the kids are with her.. it can also count as fraud. obviously its not legal, because if she's asking for child SUPPORT that means she needs you to support her while the kids are with her.. it can also count as fraud.

Take a parent to court for child support at 19 years old if living environment isn't stable?

Children are never entitled to child support and cannot sue their parents for child support money. Child support is a debt paid from one parent to the other.

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