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Clear to milky with chunks, the possibility of sperm is there. Unless a doctor has told you that you are absolutly sterile you probably have some swimmers.

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Q: Does clear semen mean it is infertile?
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Related questions

What does it mean when your semen is clear?

Semen can be clear to milky in color. It doesn't mean anything if it is clear.

What does is mean if you have clear semen?

Semen can be clear to a tint of yellow. Often foods we eat can cause the color in the semen. Nothing to worry about, you're just fine.

What does it mean if you are a women and your semen is clear?

Well If youre a woman you should not have any semen. so if you have semen you are a man.

What is the medical term meaning no sperm or semen are produced?


When semen comes out does it always have sperm?

It usually does unless the man is infertile.

What does if mean if your semen in clear instead of whitish?

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Is it normal for a 44 year old man to have clear sperm?

You mean 'Semen', not sperm. Sperm are invisible and semen is the liquid that carries sperm cells out of the man's body. Yes, clear semen is normal. So is white, cloudy semen.

If a man's semen is clear does that mean he's a cheater?

No it does not mean that. There could be any number of reasons. Clear ejaculate fluid has nothing to do with it.

Why is semen clear?

Semen is not clear the pre ejaculation fluid is wich may comtain semen is. the actually semen is usually a white milky color

How can you tell if a guy is infertile?

In men, the term is 'sterile'. The term for women is 'infertile'. The only definite way to tell is to see a doctor to get tested. Also, in some cases, the semen released may be clear rather than white, which indicates a lack of sperm.

What is the difference between fertile egg to an infertile egg?

a fertile egg is an egg that has not been conceived in a human being as means of semen and infertile is the opposite

Is it normal to have clear and watery semen on every ejaculation?

Diet has a substantial effect on the consistency of semen. Consuming protein will result in semen having a thicker, white consistency. Carbohydrates and fat will thin out the consistency of semen, resulting in clear and watery semen. Vegetarians have been known to have consistently clear semen.

Does clear semen have any sperm?

Yes usually semen have sperm in them.

Is white urine related to sperm?

By white urine you mean clear urine or white because clear urine is just urine but white urine is semen and if you had a "tickling" sensation before it happened then its semen.

Is semen clear?

its opalescent; technically, not clear; not opaque either.

What color does semen dry?

Semen dries either clear or white.

If semen always leaks from a woman's body immediately after intercourse despite any position does that mean she is infertile?

noNo, this is quite normla, generally because the man isn't deep neough or he pulls out just as he cums. if you are really bothered about being infertile get tested.

Does clear semen mean that one is unhealthy?


What does it mean if I have very little semen and it's clear?

You are either not fully matured, or you are ejaculating too often.

Is semen a thick liquid like yellow floating over a thinner clear liquid?

semen should be a thick clear substance

Why would sperm be clear with white strings in it?

Semen is the clear while sperm is the white. The semen protects the sperm as it enters the vagina

Why do some men produce clear sperm?

Because they're infertile.

Can you get pregnant if the guys semen is coming out clear?

Color of semen has nothing to do with his fertility. He can still have the same number of sperm in his semen. If the egg is present when he ejaculates, you can still get pregnant even if the semen is runny and clear like water.

Is clear stuff in your white semen bad?

No it is not.

Will smearing semen on your face clear your acne?

No, it will not!