Does coco cola has blood in it?

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Coco cola what does it do?

is coco cola affecting the economy ?

Who invented coke coco cola?

There is no such thing as "coke coco cola".

How do you spell coco cola?


C E O of coco cola company?


How do you spell the Ghanaian word coco?

coco cola

Who is the owner of coco-cola?

No owner obviously!!!!!!!!!

Who is CEO of coco-cola?

Muhtar Kent.

Who is richest Coca Cola or Pepsi?

Coco Cola

Why is coco cola pop called coco cola?

It was called coco cola first because it was invented in Columbus, Georgia, not Atlanta. In the south people do not say pop. That (pop) was adapted after it was named.

Who in vented coco-cola?

Coca-Cola/Inventor John Pemberton

Was coke invented in Georgia?

yes the first coco-cola was made by mixing cocoa and cola nuts. The first coco-cola was sold on peach street in atlanta

What is in the coco cola can made of?


Where is coco cola not exported to?


Is coco cola an acid?


Questionnaire of marketing mix of coco cola?

How frequently do you take a soda? What is your favorite soda? These are questionnaire of marketing mix of coco cola.

Why did James pemberton invent coco cola for?

James pemberton invented coco-cola from atlanta,georgia in 1886 from evana and perri

What country drinks the most coco cola?

you spelled coca-cola wrong.

Which gas gives tingling taste in coco-cola?

Co2 of course

Which will dissolve things faster coca-cola or Gatorade?

coco cola

What did john pemberton invent?

coco cola

Who made Coco cola?

John Pemberton

Who is the ceo of coco cola?

muhatar kent

What is the main ingredient in coco cola?


What coke is avabile in the US?

coco cola

When was diet coco cola invented?


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