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Does coffee help someone with adhd that is over 18?

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Age is not related. But yes, it does. Coffee is a stimulant to most and a relaxant to those with ADD/ADHD, due to chemicals in the brain working differently to the average person.



I tend rarely to diagnose children with psychiatric disorders because the whole thought of that is an additional worry; along side ADHD (Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder)... Most people are diagnosed at a time when Hyperactivity is very common (IE <9-ish) and have the label follow into adulthood. I'm not saying there is not such thing, but it's a controversial subject...

Back to the question, yes the main medicine treatment for ADHD includes stimulant drugs... But non-stimulants like atomoxetine are used as alternatives.

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If your misdiagnosed for years with adhd what harm has been done to your brain?

This question is not specific enough, its too vague: "" If someone is misdiagnosed, were they diagnosed with something else? if so what? or is it that they were not diagnosed, when they should have been? or is it that they were diagnosed with ADHD and were not ADHD?, they answer to that would be nothing, as a diagnosis itself will not effect the brain in function terms, psychologically maybe but not functionally. Unless you were prescribed some medication for treating this diagnosis, though this question is not clear. There is controversy surrounding the facts of how medication effects the brain with people diagnosed with ADHD, though in my experience, as a mother of a child with ADHD, an undiagnosed adult with ADHD and someone who has studied both psychology at degree level and work with children who have ADHD and their families, in simple terms: I believe some medications stimulate areas of the brain which is otherwise not stimulated, and lessens stimulation in other parts which are over stimulated, and these particular areas are what people with ADHD need to be leveled out for normal daily 'acceptable' functioning. There are stimulants people take daily without prescriptions such as caffeine or nicotine. Its not the nicotine in ciggarettes which cause cancer but the other chemicals they contain. Caffeine would not kill anyone unless an overdose was taken. You would have to drink around 50 cups of coffee in one go for it to kill you. If someone wants to know what a particular medication does to the brain they should be doing their searches and ask questions on sites which are researching this.

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