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Q: Does coffee or caffeine stop weight loss?
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Will drinking bundy an Diet Coke stop you losing weight?

idk what bundy is but the cartel coloring in diet coke slows weight loss. if you're caffeine dependant try drinking diet sprite for a soda fix and to satisfy the caffeine do a cup of ice coffee with skim milk

How much weight can you loose if you stop adding sugar to your coffee?

That really depends on your overall diet, but it's very unlikely that leaving sugar out of coffee will be enough for weight loss.

Why do you get headaches after you stop drinking coffee?

Caffeine withdrawal; to prevent these these kinds of headaches, slowly ease off the coffee.

When you have a headache and drink coffee it stop?

Drinking coffee might stop your headache - it depends on why you got the headache. If you are addicted to caffeine/coffee, drinking coffee will stop the headache if it is caused by withdrawal. It won't help if your headache is due to dehydration, illness, stress, etc.

How do you stop weight loss with swimming?


Does coffee affects height growth?

Actually yes it does. scientists figured out coffee and caffeine makes a combination that stops growth but not instantly. For coffee to stop height growth you need to drink it every day. Plus, caffeine in soda does not do anything at all.

What can i do to stop the weight loss in my legs?

what u do is WORKOUT!

Can weight loss effect your menstrual cycle?

Yes. Weight loss can cause menstruation to lighten or stop altogether. However, if weight loss causes your menstruation to stop, it is a good indicator that your weight may have dropped to unhealthy level. It is just as unhealthy to be underweight as it is to be overweight.

Can a coffee stop your menstrual period?

No, coffee cannot stop your menstrual period. Coffee is a vasoconstrictor so can constrict blood vessels in the uterus to lessening blood loss, but it cannot completely stop menstruation - menstruation is determined by your menstrual cycle.

How much weight can I loss I'n a week is I stop eating sugar?

not much, but it will help you from gaining weight.

Does anyone know tricks for rapid weight loss?

There is no trick for a rapid weight loss. It is neither healthy nor long-lasting. The only way to a quick weight loss is starvation. As soon as you stop starving yourself, the weight will come right back.

How do you cure caffeine headaches?

Caffeine headaches are the body's response to a sudden drop in caffeine levels, and just like any other addicting drug it will cause withdrawls when suddenly depleted. There's more than one way to solve this problem, but the two most obvious are as follows : 1. If you want to stop getting caffeine headaches, ever, put up with a caffeine headache for a little while and stop ingesting caffeine. You will have withdrawl symptoms but you won't have to worry about your addiction if you stop. Or 2. If you don't mind having a caffeine addiction, drink a cup of coffee and it'll go away. Don't like coffee? Drink some coke. Don't like coke? Drink a mountain dew. If you consume caffeine the withdrawl symptoms should go away.

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