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Yes and no. Propane is very nonreactive by itself (except when burned in oxygen). The temperature that propane is at doesn't effect it's properties. Also, propane has a very low freezing point (-188°C) so it won't freeze when it gets cold.

However, when using propane for a stove, etc., cold can affect how well it works. A propane tank is full of liquid propane under pressure. When it is being used, the liquid first has to vaporize to a gas, where it can then be burned. Because it takes a lot of heat for the liquid to vaporize into a gas, cold weather can slow down the flow. If this is a problem, the propane tank can be placed in a bucket of lukewarm water so that heat is available for the propane to vaporize.


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Your attic won't get cold enough to freeze propane. Propane turns from a gas to a liquid at -44 degrees. If the propane line freezes, it is because of moisture that has gotten into the pipe.

Yes, as long as you keep it in a secure covered area. However damage from extreme cold can affect the valves controlling the flow of propane from the tank which can cause problems (potentially very dangerous) come time to use it.

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Propane is stored liquid inside the tank. When the valve is opened, the propane boils at the valve. The liquid/gas phase transition requires energy, which is taken from the surroundings.

Propane boils at -44F so there is 'no flow' below this temperature, it will not vaporize. The ignition temperature is between 920 to 1200F.

Yes the propane(or any other gas) is liquid for most of it's journey from tank to your stove. for that gas t be liquid it needs to be cold. The cold regulator is just the liquid propane chilling the regulator. The only hot part is when the gas is ignited.

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By pouring hot water on a propane cylinder you are heating the metal cylinder. The liquid propane in the cylinder is cold and forms condensation on the outside of the cylinder showing the level of propane remaining in the tank much like condensation forming on a glass of ice water on a hot day.

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The propane is going from a HIGH pressure, to a very low pressure,as you are using the gas,the tank WILL get very cold, this is very normal, and NOT dangerous. Great that you noticed it, but do NOT be alarmed.

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