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Does cold or cough during the 6th month of pregnancy affect the child?

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No, minor illnesses don't affect the baby. If you have the flu though make sure you keep your temeperature down (acetaminophen - paracetamol - is best) and if you are worried talk to your health-care provider.

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Effects of dry cough during pregnancy?


What cough medications can be taken during pregnancy?

Ask you Dr. before taking any kind of meds. during pregnancy , all I know that is safe is Tylenol.

Does cold medicine affect pregnancy tests?

NoThe pregnancy hormone HCG is produced by the embryo not the mother and is detectable by the pregnancy tect in extremely small amounts.Ordinary cough / cold medicine will not affect the result either way

What cough medicine can pregnant woman take?

No drug can be considered 100% safe to use during pregnancy.

Is it safe to take cough syrup during pregnancy?

You have to take a certain kind of cough syrup. This has to be the one with less harmful drugs in it. Your doctor will tell you which ones are safe.

What is danger of chronic cough in pregnant women?


Is coughing normal in pregnancy?

It's a not a pregnancy sign but just as when you are not pregnant you can get cough or a cold.

Does a stuffy nose and a cough affect your chest by chest pain?

The cough can.

You are 15 weeks pregnant and sick with a cough you have been taking Robitussin DM and your pregnancy symptoms have diminished Is this normal?

The Robitussin should have no affect on your pregnancy but you should check with your doctor. You find that many of the symptoms of pregnancy reduce after 13 weeks, the tiredness, nausea, sore breasts etc all tend to get better and you start to 'bloom'. You have probably been feeling so sick with the cough you hadn't noticed the pregnancy symptoms diminishing.

Whooping cough a bacterium?

When a child has a whooping cough a microbe called a bacterium causes the whooping cough. (If your child has a whooping cough (bacterium) go and see a doctor.)(answered by a 11 year old.)Borditella pertussis

What can you take for cough and congestion during pregnancy?

Hi, i used water and salt and it helped a lot. when I had too much congestion, the doctor prescribed for me Xylocomod,

Is it safe to take GlaxoSmithKline ambroxol Ambrolex during pregnant?

No such data is available for safety of ambroxol during early pregnancy. It is safe to use the same drug after 28 weeks of pregnancy. Another mucolytic drug is bromhexine. It is derived from plant source and is probably safe in pregnancy. It has been used for cough for centuries.

Can a child be outside in cold weather with a cough?

When a child has a cough, they should stay out of the cold weather. You wouldn't want them to get sicker than they already are.

What if you are exposed to whooping cough during pregnancy?

Go to the doctor. You should have had your MMR & DPT shots when you were younger. I hope you have a shot record. Maybe you can have a booster shot .

Will taking medicines for cough prevents pregnancy?

Absolutely not in any way!

Is Miley Cyrus pregnancy?

there was rumors that she was, ofcourse, it was never proven. & she "claims" shes a virgin. cough*cough. we all know shes not !

Is it safe to use cough drops during pregnancy?

Before you take anything consult your doctor first if it is safe for you to take.I rather take water as a mucolytic and you will be safe.

What sex does whooping cough affect most?


What organ does whooping cough affect?

respiratory system

Should you take your child to doctors for whooping cough?

Yes, your child could die from it.

How do you help a child who is choking on a piece of food?

If they can breathe or talk or cough, let them cough. If they cannot cough or breathe or talk, use the Heimlech manuever on them. But try to be gentle.

What happens 6 months into pregnancy?

During the 6th month of pregnancy, the baby intermittently sucks its thumb and it can cough and hiccup. it has not laid down fat stores yet and is still thin. length: 13 inches weight: 1 1/4 lbs.

Does Tylenol cough and sore throat have alcohol?

No it does not, my child( 12) has had it.

What body systems does whooping cough affect?

The Respiratory System

If you have stomach pain and not a lot of pregnancy symptoms could you be having an ectopic pregnancy?

Your side will hurt when you cough or strain and you will bleed if it's a tubal pregnany.

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