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Actually, there is some new research that is starting to evolve about the effect of computers on the brains of children. Some experts think that too much use of the computer and other devices can change the brain. Only time and research will tell if this is true, but it makes sense to me. I think there is something to it.

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How was the task the computer performs accomplished before computers?

By people using their brains.

How does computer effect the society?

Computers affect society because many people need computer skills to get a job. They also affect society because they help people complete their work efficiently.

What did people use before the invention of the computer?

Their brains.

Before computers were made what did people use?

People usually used typewriters to type their work, but a typewriter has only a limited number of fuctions while a computer has many. Another answer would be : Their brains.

Which is smarter us or the computer?

Us people is smarter than the computers. Because WE are the people that put stuff on the computer and WE make the computers.. So WE are SMARTER than the COMPUTERS! SMART QUESTION...

Do technology such as computers or cell phone make people use their brains more?

no it makes you more stupid

How can you use the computer in the field of education?

Computers are being used to teach people how to use computers. Computer are being used to teach biology. Computers are being used to teach people how to learn the alphabet

Why do people need a computer program?

Only people with computers need computer programs, as far as I know? People with computers which without computer programs, would have a a boat anchor on their desk. Boat anchors are for boats ~:- -Scott

How will humans die?

My opinion is that computers will kill us. Slowly, people will turn themselves to robots using computer artificial brains. slowly, we will be so smart that we will know everything. we will then be so board that we will kill ourselves.

What do you call people that use computers?

Computer users.

What piece of computer hardware is often called the brains?

The processor. It is located on the motherboard. Sometimes people refer to the motherboard as a computer's brains also. closure

How do computers affect your culture?

Computers affect culture because they replace humans in work situations, and enhance social interactions with other people.

Why are there a lot of people that have computer?

There are alot of people that have computers is because computers keep up with your work, or private stuff. Computers update your stuff. Computers are the new way of helping people research thee imformation...

How did computers affect society?

by people watching violent things and the people coping them

Will computers ever be cleverer then people?

No considering everything on a computer is programed by people.

Name of people who use computers?

computer users hi

How many people in Canada have computers?

Most households in Canada have at least one computer that has Internet access. With most homes having a computer, there is not a definite number of how many people have computers.

What are the causes of computer viruses?

People create viruses on their computers, then the virus spreads to other computers when people visit websites or such with viruses.

Why are they making new computers?

Is this a trick question? So that there are computers for people to buy. Not everyone in the world has a computer.

Why are there computer viruses?

Bad people like to to bad things to computers, and they created a virus for the computer.

How do computers affect people's everyday lives?

Computers can either affect in a good way or a bad way, it depends. For example, it can affect people's lives in a good way because we can use it for studying and research. But, the computer can also be effective in a bad way because computer games can control peoples lives if they are to addicted to that one certain game. Then people should take steps to get back on track with their addiction and control it.

How many people worldwide use computers?

There are approximately 900 million computers throughout the world. On average there is about two people sharing one computer which equals 1 billion computer users.

What country doesn't have computers?

There is no computer-free country, but Niger has only 716 computers per million people. That compares to Switzerland, which has 864,584 computers per million people.

Can computers really think like people?

No computers cant think like people. They can only make sophisticated decisions and compute difficult problems. They dont have brains like humans and therefore cant think like them.

Why do you study computer organization?

People may study computer organization, because they enjoy computers. They may enjoy figuring out how computers work and are structured, as well.