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They day you have intercourse isn't necessarily the day the sperm and the egg connnect. Sperm can live for up to 3 days inside you before fertilizing the egg. And there is almost no way of knowing the exact date of conception. Aug 21st is just a really good estimate. If the father is what you are unsure of, have a blood test taken after the baby is born if it matters to you. Otherwise, you can always raise the baby as yours and your boyfriends if that is what you choose to do. Good luck! you!

YES!!! The meaning of Conception is the formation of a viable zygote by the union of the male sperm and female ovum; fertilization.

July 31st, 1964 was when I was born. What day was I conceived?

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Q: Does conception date mean the date you actually had intercourse and the sperm connected with the egg?
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What is the difference between intercourse and conception?

Intercourse is the actuual physical act of making love when the sperm is inserted into the vagina. Conception is the moment when the sperm actually fertilises the ovum which may be up to five days later. But unless you are actually being monitored 24/7 there is no way of knowing exactly when conception occurred, hence the up to 5 day variation on US scan

How long after intercourse can conception occur?

The sperm can live inside a womens body from 3 to 5 days :)

If sperm is ejaculated into a woman on a Friday and she ovulates on a Sunday is conception possible?

yes sperm stays viable for up to 5 days after intercourse

What does conception actually mean and does it mean the day the egg and sperm meet?

That is technically correct although as this may occur up to 48 hours after intercourse the actual moment is impossible to determine.

Can you experience cramps of pregnancy 2 days after intercourse?

It is not likely. It can take up to four days after intercourse for conception (the success of the sperm fertilizing the egg) to even occur.

Does conception mean the day you actually got pregnant?

Yes, when predicting the length of a pregnancy, it's counted from conception, which is when the fertilized egg implanted in the uterus. This is anywhere from 1 to 7 days after intercourse, assuming this lines up with ovulation. Yes, Conception is the formation of a viable zygote by the union of the male sperm and female ovum; fertilization.

What is the sperm percentage of male need for intercourse?

Zero. Sperm is not needed for intercourse.

What sperm caused conception?

Extra information:If unprotected intercourse was undertaken on the 6/10, protected intercourse undertaken on the 7/10 and unprotected intercourse was undertaken twice 10/10 & 11/10.Ovulation occurred on the 11/10 (positive ovulation stick on the 10/10)..which sperm caused the conception?The 10th and 11th? Or...could one have escaped from the 7th?The 7th was 3 days after period had finished.

While intercourse my penis gets soft but I manage to put sperms into my wife's vagina by mastrubation what are the chances of conception?

Sperm + Vagina = Possibility to get pregnant.

How does conception occur?

Conception occurs when a egg is fertilised by a sperm.

How soon can you become pregnant after the intercourse?

Actual conception-sperm fertilizing the egg-can take up to 72 hours. On a side note, that is why Plan B is not abortion.

The joining of an egg and a sperm cell is called conception?

Conception or fertilisation are both terms applied to the fusing of sperm and egg.

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