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Q: Does conception mean when the sperm enters the egg and becomes fertile?
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What is where a sperm enters an egg?

The sperm enters the egg (conception) in the fallopian tube.

What happens to the sperm at conception?

At conception, the sperm enters the egg and the DNA of the sperm merges with the DNA of the Egg cell.

What is period of conception?

The time in your cycle when ovulation occurs and therefore conception if there are sperm to meet the fertile ova.

Does conception occur at birth?

No. Conception refers to fertilisation, the process where the sperm enters an ovum and the gametes fuse resulting in the formation of a zygote.

When does the Catholic Church say that life begins?

Life begins at the moment of conception, when the sperm enters the egg.

How long does it take to get pregnant-?

It takes about one second to get pregnant. When sperm enters the egg, conception occurs.

Do you get pregnant every time sperm enters the vagina?

No. Pregnancy does not occur every time sperm enters the vagina, but only when there is at least one fertile egg is present along with the sperm. It all depends. If you're on the pill, the chance is little and sperm has to reach the eggs and there has to be penetration.

Is conception possible during menstruation?

No, conception isn't possible during menstruation. During menstruation there is no egg present to be fertilised, although it's important to point out that a woman may still be fertile during menstruation: there may be fertile cervical mucus present, which can keep sperm alive in the vagina long enough so that there is still sperm present when a woman ovulates after menstruation.

How does conception occur?

Conception occurs when a egg is fertilised by a sperm.

What are the requirements for sexual reproduction to occur?

In basic terms, an egg and a sperm are required. In natural conception, the woman must be fertile so that the egg has a place to attach to for nourishment. The sperm must also not be very defective.

Does your cervical mucus stop immediately after conception?

Nobody can pinpoint the exact second of conception. Sometimes the sperm reach the egg in a matter of minutes, and sometimes it takes a few days. The CM isn't as runny after the fertile period is over.

The joining of an egg and a sperm cell is called conception?

Conception or fertilisation are both terms applied to the fusing of sperm and egg.

Which part of the sperm enters the egg?

The biggest part of the sperm enters the egg first. The whole sperm eventually is in the egg.

What portion of a sperm enters the oocyte?

The head of the sperm enters the oocyte. The flagellum remains outside.

Do you need sperm to make a baby?

Yes, sperm is needed for conception and pregnancy. The sperm must be delivered to the egg either naturally or with medical help. Without a sperm, the egg cannot be fertilized.Yes, you do. You need several million to be considered fertile, even though (usually) only one sperm fertilises the egg.

What happen in the testis during puberty?

The testis grow in size during puberty. Also the sperm made by the testis becomes fertile.

If my husband pennies fores skin is not open properly that that will effect on my pregnancy?

Provided you are both fertile, and sperm enters your vagina during intercourse, you could easily become pregnant.

How long can sperm be fertile?

it is fertile for up to 4 days.

When a girl can pregnant?

Sperm from a boy's penis must get inside the girl's vagina during her fertile time of the month. Usually, the penis becomes hard and enters inside the vagina, then the boy's semen, which contains his sperm, ejaculates into the vagina. If the sperm find an egg to fertilize, the girl becomes pregnant with a child. I say usually because the penis doesn't really have to enter inside the vagina to make the girl pregnant. Even a little sperm from the tip of the penis rubbed onto the outside of the vagina could find it's way inside and make the girl pregnant.

The fusion of an egg and sperm is called?


When eggs and sperm join its called?


What is the moment when the sperm and egg unite?


How many sperm are needed for conception?


What is a fertilized cell?

A fertilized cell is when a mature ovum (egg) is fertilized by a sperm. It becomes a fertilized cell. The sperm enters the ovum and the tail drops off. Then mitosis occurs and the cell continues to develop.

What color is you sperm when you just hit puberty?

well at first it is see trough clear then it becomes wither and whiter until you are ready to be a 100% fertile