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Does constant speed mean constant velocity?

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No. Circular motion can have constant speed but varying velocity.

Constant speed means constant speed in any direction, like a car on cruise control

turning a corner.

Constant velocity means constant speed in a straight line. If the direction changes,

that's considered a change in velocity.

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No. Constant velocity implies a constant speed, AND a constant direction.No. Constant velocity implies a constant speed, AND a constant direction.No. Constant velocity implies a constant speed, AND a constant direction.No. Constant velocity implies a constant speed, AND a constant direction.

No, velocity is a vector quantity and measures both speed and direction. If the velocity of an object is constant then that would also mean the speed would stay constant.

No. Velocity has two parts, speed and direction A constant velocity means that both the speed and the direction must be constant. So a constant velocity must have a constant speed.

No, constant velocity implies constant speed. But velocity can change even when speed remains constant, since speed is a scalar quantity but velocity is a vector quantity.

No. Velocity includes a direction vector, which speed does not have.

Velocity is Speed in a given direction. Moving at constant velocity is equivalent to say moving with a constant speed in a specified direction. So, moving at constant velocity implicitly means moving with constant speed.

No. Speed is the magnitude of the velocity. If either or both the speed and direction vary, the velocity is not constant.

A changing velocity can maintain constant speed if the motion is circular. The constant change in direction is a change in velocity, even if the speed is constant.

Velocity is speed together with its direction.Acceleration indicates a change in velocity ... speed or direction or both.Change of direction means acceleration, even if speed is constant.Constant velocity means constant speed and direction ... zero acceleration.

No. Velocity combines speed and the direction of motion.Constant velocity is constant speed in a straight line.In circular motion, the velocity is always changing even if the speed is constant,because the direction is always changing.

Velocity is a quantity that has magnitude and direction. The magnitude of velocity is what we call "speed".If the velocity is constant, then its magnitude and direction are both constant.Constant magnitude means constant speed.So the answer to the question is "Yes".

No. Velocity is the combination of speed and direction. If it is constant, then both the speed and direction are constant. On the other hand, velocity can vary even is speed is constant, since the direction can change.

constant velocity is when you maintain speed and direction, this usually is in a straight line, and constant speed means that your speed is always constant at all times.

Of course. In fact, in order to have constant velocity, it must have constant speed.What you really want to know: Can a body have changing velocity when it has constant speed ?The answer to that one is also "yes", for example when it is moving in a circle, the speed is constant but the velocity is changing all the time (in direction).

No. Velocity is speed and direction. If you change either variable, the velocity will no longer be constant.

Consider an object turning in a circle at a constant speed. Because velocity is not just the value of speed, but also the direction in which the object is moving, the velocity would not be constant.

It means that the object moves in a straight line at a constant speed.

No, because constant velocity means constant speed and constant direction

No. The speed can be consant but direction can change and thus the velocity changes.

No, not at all possible. But constant speed with changing velocity is possible.

No. If the speed varies, the body accelerates, and velocity cannot be constant.

Velocity magnitude is unchanging at constant speed. The direction might change (velocity is a vector with both size (speed) and direction) if , for example, you are driving around a curve at a constant speed.

Yes. An object moving in a straight line at constant speed has constant velocity.

Velocity will always change in speed.

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