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Yes, after a while, it does. It can turn sour and grow mold.

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How many calories are in a cup of cooked tofu

well it takes about five days for a COOKED hard boiled egg to go bad

Assume that 'melt' here is in the same sense that cheese melt, no, Tofu does not melt. This is because cheese contain casein which cause the soft, stringly sticky character of melted cheese and Tofu does not. This may also be because of the heat damage caused in the tofu making process. Cheese made from cooked milk ( like Ricotta cheese) are crumbly and will not melt just like Tofu which is made from cooked soy. The closest thing you can get to a 'melted' tofu is finely mashed tofu with nutrition yeast.

All foods, including cooked fish, go bad if not properly refrigerated unless preserved in some other manner

no, but the cake might the eggs won't go bad because there cooked into the cake like when you make eggs they won't go bad they'll only get cold & if you leave them out long enough they'll get moldy.

SOme say that Tofu can disrupt your hormone system. In a good amount however, it is evident that Tofu is an excellent source of lean protien.

Yes, despite being cooked, meat can still grow mold and/or bacteria, making it bad to eat.

Once cooked, pasta should be refrigerated. Cooked pasta will last in the refrigerator for close to two to three days.

24 hours in the 'fridge is pushing it.

Tofu needs to be cooked/marinated in a sauce or else it has very little flavor. Fortunately, it absorbs flavors really well. You can also change the texture of tofu (make it more dense and chewy) by freezing a drained block of tofu overnight and then thawing it before use.

If it is cooked, it can go bad. If it is raw, it shouldn't go bad unless it becomes moist somehow. However, macaroni can get weevils, especially if the weather is hot and humid.

Tofu needs to contain tofu to be tofu. So yes, tofu contains tofu. Tofu is made from soybeans.

Cooked, yes. In the box, macaroni has the shelf life of gravel.

If you leave it out too long - yes.

sure don't eat it unless you cooked it recently

Cooked rice get bad after 2-3 days. For 2-3 days rice should be kept in refrigerator. If it is kept in open air it will get bad one the very same day.

The cooked rice should not be eaten if left out overnight. Due to certain bacteria that might have grown in it, it might not be able to be cooked safe.

If dry, rice only gets drier. It can get moldy and that can make it bad. If it is cooked and then not refrigerated properly it can spoil.

Well, cooked pig blood is a chinese dish, and it tastes like any regular tofu

If the meat is properly cooked, the bad bacteria should be eliminated.

I say about a week. But it doesnt really go bad it just drys out

Check the expiration date on the package. If it is cooked tofu in a dish (leftover takeout?) use or throw away within 4 days. As with any food, if it looks funny or smells funny, then throw it out!

Only a few minutes -- the exact time would depend on the temperature of the grill. Tofu does not need to be cooked to be edible. The reasons for cooking are simply to heat it up and improve the flavour.

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