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Does copper rust?

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No, it doesn't. The Statue of Liberty looks green because copper has a property of getting green due to carbon dioxide and the moisture in the air. That is not rusting; it is called copper patina.

The term rusting is reserved for the corrosion of iron.

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How long does it take copper to rust?

Copper doesn't rust

Can copper pennies rust?

Copper corrodes, things made of iron rust. Copper can corrode, but it takes longer than it does for iron to rust.

Does water make copper pipes rust?

No, because copper pipes cannot rust.

Does copper or aluminum rust faster?


How does copper rust?

by me

Why do copper pipes carrying hot water rust more quicker?

Copper doesn't rust

Why do pennys rust?

In recent years pennies have been made of steel plated in copper, and steel is prone to rust. Older pennies were made of pure copper, or copper and zinc, which did not rust.

What metals rusts the fastest copper iron or steel?

Bronze is an alloy of copper and the element 'tin'. Copper and bronze do not contain any iron, and only iron can rust; so the answer is that steel will rust the fastest and copper and bronze will never rust. copper does not rust because Copper does oxidise, but the layer of "rust" adheres to the copper itself and forms a layer of protection over the rest of the object preventing further oxidation. Hence copper roofs are green or black.

What metal will rust faster copper or steel?

steel because copper doesnt rust it turns green

Why do pipes rust?

Plastic pipe does not rust, brass does not rust, copper does not rust. Stainless steel does not rust, lead pipe does not rust.

How long does it take for copper to rust?

Copper does not rust. It will, on contact with the air, form a greenish "verdigris" of copper sulphate on it's surface - but that is not rust.OOps - that should be copper carbonate. Copper sulphate is highly soluble and would not produce a patina. Maybe some copper oxide as well.

Can copper rust?

Copper can not rust there is a substance in it that may make it turn brown but then it turns green just look at the statue of liberty she is green and made of copper! Rust, by the way, is oxidized iron.

How fast will a penny rust in water?

Pennies are copper and do not rust.

What causes rust on copper?

It's probably oxidation, not rust.

How to stop copper from rusting?

Copper wont rust, as rust is a proses only applicable to iron, how ever it will oxidises

Why do boat builders use copper nails?

copper does not rust

What does copper and oxygen form?

It forms copper oxide which is rust.

Which element rust copper?

Oxygen turns copper green.

How do you do the experiment 'Which metal rust fastest copper bronze or steel?

i dont know of an experiment to test this but copper will not rust, and bronze being comprised of tin and copper, the answer to which will rust fastest is steel. I hope this helps you.

What can cause copper on the exterior of a house to have a red rust appearance?

Most likely some other object has dripped rust onto the copper, which can be removed. Copper does not rust, but it does form a green patina over time.

Which metal rust fastest copper bronze or steel?

copper and bronze can never rust but steel can the other guys answer was wrong copper and bronze are un-rustable!

If copper doesn't rust what does it do?

It corrodes. Rust is iron + water + oxygen

Why doesn't copper rust?

Because pure copper doesn't contain any iron and rust, by definition, is iron oxide.

Why don't car radiators rust?

car radiators used to be made of copper, copper doesnt rust. most radiators are now made from aluminum.aluminum also does no rust

Who discovered copper can't rust?

copper turns to blue-green copper oxide.