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Cow's milk condenses better than soy milk. It keeps the baked recipe more moist than soy milk through the dehydration process. The soy milk has an oily effect as it cooks.

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Is coconut milk the same as cows milk?

No: Cows' milk comes from cows, coconut milk comes from coconuts, and is not actually milk.

Where does milk come from for chocolate?

Same Place we usually get milk, from cows.

Is a beef cow's milk dangerous?

Beef cows milk is the same as a dairy cows milk. Dairy cows have been bred to produce more milk while beef cows have been bred to be more conditioned and have a higher amount of meat.

How do you tell colostrum milk cows apart from milk cows?

LOL they're the same cows, only thing is that the "colostrum milk cows" are those cows that have just given birth to a new calf. Colostrum flows for 24 to 48 hours, before the milk in their udders "converts" into "real" milk that we drink.

Do you Use Cows Milk And Goats Milk The Same?

pretty much yeah, cows milk would taste nicer in certain things though

Do brown cows actually make chocolate milk?

No. Brown cows produce the same kind of milk as those black-and-white cows you see by the road do.

Do cows give milk in the winter?

By the same way they always do

Do pink cows give starwberry milk?

Of course they do, and it is quite delicious!!! The same as the Brown cows give chocolate milk, it has a wonderful chocolaty flavour!

How did they know to pull on cows udders to get milk?

Most likely from watching the cows' calves nursing from the same area.

How do you get milk from a virgin's nipple?

Cows only give milk if they have a calf. If the cow is not bred, no milk. I think the same for women, so you can't.

Can you Cook 2 quiches at same time?

Yes, I just did. I put them on a baking sheet and rotated the baking sheet during cooking.

Can you bake a cake and cook chicken at the same time?

yes, especially if you are baking the chicken.

How do you get cows inside the dairy shed of farmville?

Twenty cows can fit in each shed. Press, "move" then bring them over to the barn. Then they all are ready to have milk collected at the same time and a pink dot appears above the barn. When it does press "collect milk" and 20 cows get milked at the same time.

Can you substitute orange juice for milk in corn bread recipe?

No, orange juice is not a good substitute for milk. Orange juice has a different acidity (pH) than milk, and does not react in the same way as milk with the baking powder (or baking soda) in the corn bread ingredients.

What do cow do on a farm?

cows eat grass get milk an then when the farm is highly populated with cows the farmer kills some of them and the same thing over again

What is calf milk powder?

Calf milk poweder is for baby cows that, for some reason, can not nurse from there mother. Calf milk powder is the same to a cow as formula is to an infant.

What is special about milk from a red cow?

Nothing. Milk is milk no matter what cow it comes from. Don't get suckered in the BS that "strawberry-flavoured" milk comes from red cows, or "chocolate" milk comes from brown cows, etc. etc. Milk is the same colour, flavour and often consistency no matter the colour, breed or type of cow it comes from.

Does chocolate milk come from brown cows?

No. Chocolate milk is made when cocoa beans, grounded up and mixed with plenty of sugar and other additives, is mixed with normal whole white cow's milk. Brown cows give the same kind of milk as your average black-and-white Holsteins. All cows of most any colour give the same kind and colour of milk. The only differences may be quality and quantity depending on the breeds that are being milked.

What is healthier milk from a woman or a cow?

One can be just as healthy as the other. It's just that milk from a woman is intended for human infants, not adults. Though arguments are the same for cows and their milk, cows milk have been globally accepted as a beverage for human adults and is widely considered a healthy beverage.

Do beef cows have the same size and type of udders as dairy cows do?

No. Dairy cows have much larger udders than beef cows do. A dairy cow has been selected to produce more milk than what she can feed her calf to meet the farmers' demands for more milk to be produced per cow per day.

What is a udder on horses?

The same thing it is on cows. They have 2 "nipples" that produce milk when the horse is pregnant or has a baby. The baby drinks the milk from the mama's utter.

Is it possible to prepare curd from camel milk?

yes it is possible , but it is not easy way and it is not as same as cows curd.

Why is fresh goat milk more healthy for a human baby than normal milk?

Breast milk is more healthy for a baby than any other kind of milk or formula. Cow's milk was meant for baby cows, and that milk benefits them the most. Same with goat milk, meant for baby goats. However, goat milk is closer to human milk than cows milk. So if by normal milk you mean cow milk, than this is your answer.

How is milk produced from cows?

Cows milk is produced in the cows udder when a cow has a calf it feeds the calf milk through the udder in the same way as a mother feeds a baby through the breast. Normally as the calf grows older it will be weaned from the udders and the udders stop producing milk, however dairy farmers then keep milking the cow so the cow keeps producing milk which is in turn treated bottled and sold.

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