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Does cricket get unwanted publicity?

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When you use a microscope it will magnify the object you are looking at.Unwanted publicity can magnify the effect of a small political indiscretion.

You are a publicity seeker. publicity is very important for profits.

Many entertainment industry stars shun publicity. The publicity will ensure our future! The publicity will ruin them!

publicity means public attention

"publicity" in Italian is "pubblicità", and it is pronounced phub (as in public)- ble (as in bleach)- cheetah. ;-}

Yes,publicity is the correct spelling.

No it isn't for publicity although it helps.

Publicity Building was created in 1916.

She did it for the publicity is one sentence using the word. The mayor won due to his publicity is another use of the word.

yes miam is a publicity stunt. you can do it on skateboards!

Publicity is basically a type of false advertising but not by the fault of the company

The celebrity's actions were simply a publicity stunt.

Publicity is usually generated from an organization's public relations department and its goal is to gain media coverage. Successful publicity occurs when an organization has a carefully designed publicity plan, which includes crisis control methods.

Theatre publicity is advertising theatres. A theatre publicity manager's job is to inform the public of the productions that will be on at their theatre and market them so seats sell.

The love kitty missed the publicityNot very good but good luck

There is no direct translation for the phrase publicity hound. The closest German expression would be:Öffentlichkeitssüchtiger (male)Öffentlichkeitssüchtige (female), which translates litterally as publicity addict or publicity junkieIn German the expression would normally be used as an adjective:Er ist Öffentlichkeitssüchtig - he's a publicity hound

no. it's all for publicity. nothing but a publicity stunt.

Publicity is not advertising, public relations, or promotions, because it is not controlled or paid for.

How consumers respond towards negative publicity? Discuss it.

I couldn't find any reference of the song Yellow Submarine having any "Bad Publicity". Of What publicity are you referring too?

To avoid unwanted behaviors, unwanted health problems and unwanted babies.

Negative publicity is when you do something and you get a negative reaction from people. Such as a celebrate getting into a fight at a bar.

Publicity is not advertising, public relations, or promotions, because it is not controlled or paid for.

for real! they love each other and NOT for publicity!

Dave Knesel has written: 'Free publicity' -- subject(s): Publicity

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