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I would say both. Power (energy, or work, per unit time) can be calculated with the formula:

P = IV (power = current x voltage)

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Q: Does current or voltage actually perform the work in a circuit?
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As the voltage applied to a circuit increases the current and the also increase?

answer is actually voltage

Which actually does work in circuit voltage or current?

Power (energy per time unit) actually depends on both. In a DC circuit, it is the product of voltage and current. In an AC circuit, it is the product of voltage x current x (power factor). The power factor is often close to 1.

What is the relationship among voltage circuit and resistance in a circuit?

Voltage = (current) x (resistance) Current = (voltage)/(resistance) Resistance = (voltage)/(current)

If voltage changes in a ac circuit what happens to current?

Voltage attempts to make a current flow, and current will flow if the circuit is complete. It is possible to have voltage without current, but current cannot flow without voltage. The answer is "yes",voltage remains the same as current moves through the circuit.As the voltage remains constant, current increases in the circuit.

If voltage is increased in a circuit what happens to current series and parallel respectively?

In this case current flows from a high voltage to a lower voltage in a circuit.

What is a relationship among voltage current and resistance in a circuit?

Voltage = (current) x (resistance) Current = (voltage)/(resistance) Resistance = (voltage)/(current)

What is the relationship among voltage current and resistance in a circuit?

Voltage = (current) x (resistance) Current = (voltage)/(resistance) Resistance = (voltage)/(current)

What is voltage error circuit and current error circuit?

A voltage error circuit is called an error amplifier and happens when there are discrepancies between the voltage output and the reference voltage. A current error circuit happens when there is a disruption of flow in an ammeter.

A circuit with a lagging current means the circuit is?

Inductive. Voltage (E) leads current (I) in an inductive (L) circuit and current (I) leads voltage (E) in a capacitive (C) circuit. (ELI the ICEman)

What cause the voltage t lead current in an ac circuit?

Voltage leads current or, more specifically current lags voltage, in an inductive circuit. This is because an inductor resists a change in current.

How will you convert a open current circuit to a open voltage circuit?

The first thing you need to know is the internal resistance of the current source, the voltage source will have the same internal resistance. Then compute the open circuit voltage of the current source, this will be the voltage of the voltage source. You are now done.

What is the voltage power and current rating of an integrated circuit?

What is the voltage and current of an integrated cicuit