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Q: Does diabetes affect a certain ethnic group more often?
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Does sickle cell disease affect a certain ethnic group?

No it does not effect a certain ethnicity

Does chickenpox affect a certain ethnic group?

theyre all the same

Does hapetitis affect certain ethnic of group?

no, no it does not. but how would i kno? im a dumb computer (O=

Does polio affect a certain ethnic group?

the germans are most likely to get polio its part of the geneva convention

Does asthma affect a certain ethnic group?


Does crohn's disease effect a certain ethnic group?

Crohn's Disease tends to mainly affect Caucasians, but can affect people of any race and ethnicity.

Does neurofibromatosis effect a certain ethnic or economic group?

It does not affect any specific people nor does it have an impact on any one culture.

What is an ethnic dialect?

Ethnic dialect refers to a dialect used by national or racial group. This is a distinct form of language spoken by members of a certain ethnic group.

Why do certain human genetic disorders such as sickle-cell anemia and Tay-Sachs disease occur more frequently among one ethnic group than another?

Heredity is a factor in some diseases that affect specific populations ranging from hemoglobin disorders to diabetes to Tay-Sachs.

What age group does diabetes affect?

Type 1 diabetes can affect anyone, doesn't matter what age you are. Type 2 diabetes is can also affect anyone but it is generally age related and you are more likely to be diagnosed with type 2 diabetes when you are older.

Does strep throat affect an ethnic groups?

Strep throat does not affect any ethnic group, thankfully. Mankind has become beautiful due to variety of ethnic groups. Imagine a society, where every body is your photocopy!

What was the systematic killing of a certain group of people called?

We call this ethnic cleansing.

Is the Ashanti an ethnic group or religious group?

Ethnic Group

What are the three main ethnic groups?

Ethnic Group Number One: The group of people that believe that there should be more than three ethnic groups. Ethnic Group Number Two: The group of people that believe that there are three ethnic groups. Ethnic Group Number Three: The group of people that believe that there is no such thing as three ethnic groups. I proudly belong to Ethnic Group Number Three. Anyone care to join me?

Which age group does tb affects?

Does tuberculosis affect a certain age group

Does pink eye affect a certain age group?

no you can get it at any age and it doesnt effect just a certain age group

What is an ethnic group in Chile?

What is Chile's ethnic group?

Which ethnic group does sickle cell disease affect?

It is most common in African-Americans in the US.

What ethnic group is greatly affected by sicklecell?

African American and Hispanic are greatly affect by sicklecell.

Does rubella effect a certain ethnic group?

yes by spreading from not gutting a vaccine shot from ever person

How did Angola being colonized by the Portuguese affect Angola's culture?

They would have less ethnic group, and more ethnic group on three major ethnic group. They would also have many different language, like portugese. Many country speak that language too. Angola would have a whole different culture from their own.

What do the ethnic group believe in?

what does tghie ethnic group believe in

What is a sentence using the phrase 'ethnic group'?

The ethnic group of people were praying in their worship place. It is an example sentence for ethnic group.

What is a group of people who share a common culture language and history?

An ethnic group

Does Color blindness affect a certain age group?

No colour blindness does not affect a certain age group it can affect anyone but usually you are born with colour blindness its not like usually as you grow older you go blind its completely different