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Does diet or exercise make your metabolism work harder?

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your metabolism can't work harder.. it's either slow or fast. you can boost you're metabolism with drugs. certain foods can also help in this process but the best way to loose weight is to do what doctors have been telling us for years. healthy eating habits and exercise. It works trust me. i lost 30 bls doing that.


PS eat more celerey (however you spell it). it's a negative calorie food. meaning it takes up more calories to digest then the actual celerey contains.

excercize, especially intense cardio, makes you burn calories for a few hours after you're done. putting on muscle makes you burn more calories when you're just sitting still.

still, I've put on about 5-10 pounds of muscle, and spend about 30 m in a day doing cardio, and it's not like i can eat whatever i want and my metabolism will take care or it the biggest changes you'll see will be from the time you spend in the gym itself., and from watching what you eat. i'd avoid diet drugs, they're serious poison.

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One of the best ways to improve diet metabolism is to do some cardiovascular exercise in coordination with your dieting program. Remember, a habit only takes 21 days to make, so you might as well try to make two good habit of dieting and exercise at the same time. They complement each other so that the diet helps you exercise better and the exercise makes your diet more effective. For cardiovascular exercise, a short, brisk walk or jog will get you outside, enjoying the weather, while also improving you metabolism and the effectiveness of your dieting program.

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DOES EXERCISE INCREASE METABOLISMYes, exercise does increase metabolism. Your metabolic rate is the speed at which the chemical processes of your body produce energy and growth. If you remain physically inactive, nothing much will change; your body will just stay as it is. Exercise forces your body to work harder to adapt to the exercise, which is why it increases your metabolic rate.Cardio exercise forces (primarily) your body's cardiovascular system to work harder. Your heart and respiration rates will increase as you exercise, because your muscles are working harder so they need more fuel, including oxygen, and generate more waste products that must be transported away.Strength training (weight training) stimulates overcompensation for the stress you have deliberately placed on your muscles, connective tissues, and skeleton. Your muscles will increase in size, your connective tissues will strengthen, and your bones will thicken.Therefore, both cardio and strength training make your body work harder. In working harder, your body uses more energy. That increased energy is why your metabolism increases.For information about how to use exercise to increase your metabolism, use the page links listed below:Two mild cardio plans to increase you metabolism via exercise (one easier plan, one harder plan)Does exercise increase metabolism via an intense cardio exercise planWhat can increase your metabolism in other ways

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Ginko and chili are great at increasing your metabolism. Make sure to exercise as well!

User Avatar has reviewed the Dukan diet and found that is good good for jump starting your metabolism and includes an exercise plan, but the strict guide lines make it hard to stick to.

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Exercise and eat small, frequent meals.

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