Does direct line insurance offer public liability insurance?

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Yes. Direct line insurance does provide public liability insurance, according to their website. Public liability insurance provides protection over claims made by members of the public that have suffered damage from a buisiness.
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Can you find out if a business has public liability insurance?

Answer . DEPENDS.ARE YOU TALKING INDIVIDUAL, BUSINESS, CORPORATION, ETC. SIMPLEST ANSWER FIRST. A PERSON HOMEOWNER's insurance has personal liability coverage. i can'REALLY ANSWER YOUR QUESTION WITHOUT MORE DETAILS. most businesses have public liability insurance, usual in the form of an SMP pol ( Full Answer )

What is the difference between Comprehensive General Liability insurance and Public and Products Liability insurance?

The correct term is COMMERCIAL GENERAL LIABILITY. The term Comprehensive General Liability is a old term that was at one time used as well as Public and Products Liability. These terms are often used to mean the same ideal. Over the years the legal profession will contunuie to use them in a written ( Full Answer )

How is general liability insurance different from public liability insurance?

Technically, there is no difference between the two, besides thefact that many of the public and product liability risks are oftencovered together under a general liability policy. These risks mayinclude bodily injury or property damage caused by direct orindirect actions of the insured. You can re ( Full Answer )

Who offers liability insurance for professional organizers?

There is an organization called the National Association of Professional Organizers. It offers a variety of benefits, including liability insurance, medical discount cards (which are NOT insurance) and other things. You may want to start with them, as the insurers with which they deal are likely to ( Full Answer )

What kind of insurance does Direct Insurance offer?

Direct insurance is insurance in which an insurer is directly responsible to the insured. Does not include life insurance. For more on direct insurance check out this Canadian company in Alberta

Does direct line car insurance offer multi car discounts?

Yes they do, you can call them up or get a quote from their website, they can also provide you with multi driver quotes as well for one or more car. Their prices, dependant on your no claims bonus is generally quite good as well.

Can you get direct line insurance online?

You can get direct line insurance online for many services they offer such as home, business, or auto insurance-even pet insurance. You can start by getting a quote on their website.

What exactly is direct line insurance?

Direct line insurance is an insurance company that is bent on making sure that everyone can have affordable auto insurance as well as different services like boat insurance.

Which company offers the most reliable liability insurance?

What is most reliable for one person may not be for another. The best bet is to go with a company that has been around for a long while which says "we know our stuff"! Check out Gieco, Nationwide or Utopia Insurance.

Who offers cheap liability insurance?

It depends on what kind of liability insurance you're seeking. Ifyou want car insurance, Geico and StateFarm are generally veryinexpensive, though it all depends on your car and driving history.If you want business liability, look at TechInsurance or Nationwidefor the best fit. If you are an artist ( Full Answer )

What companies offer public liability insurance?

Progressive, Gieco, Nationwide and State Farm offers public liability insurance. A public liability insurance broker may also help you in finding public liabitilty insurance. Prices may vary depending upon the agent and event.

What is a public liability insurance and how is it used?

In a nutshell, public liability insurance is a special insurance a business or a commerce can buy to protect itself financially in case of a lawsuit brought against it by a patron injured at/on it's premises.

What company offers professional liability insurance?

There are numerous companies that offer professional liability insurance to individuals. This, of course, depends on your individual location. Some great providers that I found are ISBA Mutual, Landy Insurance Agency, Insurance Plus and Lawyers Mutual Insurance.

Does Geico offer good auto liability insurance?

"Yes. Geico is a top rated car insurance company in the United States, they offer full coverage as well as liability insurance, you can go to their website and choose the best policy for you."

What company offers the best commercial liability insurance?

"A lot of insurance quality strongly depends on what exactly is covered and the value needed to properly insure against liabilities involved. However, some top names in the commercial liability insurance business are Nationwide and Bolt. Talking to an insurance agent with specifics would then provid ( Full Answer )

What is covered by public liability insurance?

Public liability insurance covers damage or injury to third parties, whether they be visitors, tradesmen of even trespassers, that occur on your property or through your actions or lack of action.

Where to buy public liability insurance?

Look for companies that provide business insurance to small businesses. Most any insurance company will offer public liability insurance, but the purchaser must be prepared to provide answers to the questions they will be asked to get a quote.

What is direct line car insurance?

Direct Line is the name of a car insurance agency. They deal with car insurance and their approach is to be simple and provide their customer with the best service at a reasonable rate.

What kind of rates does Direct Line Home Insurance offer online?

This will depend on a large number of factors including age of the house, geographic location of your house, neighborhood crime rates, value of the house, and your credit score. The best option would be to visit one of their offices and get a quote directly.

Which websites offer information on small business liability insurance?

Liability Insurance protects a business for an injury that may happen to an individual or employee while at the company. Some of these could include medical expenses, attorney fees, or any damages that may happen. Nationwide as well as the US Small Business Association both have detailed informati ( Full Answer )

How can one get public liability insurance cover?

Public Liability Insurance is used when a member of the general public sues a company about property damage on the company's physical location. Most insurance claims and comparisons can be purchased online, but some state business offices can process, advise, and help compare their own personal ins ( Full Answer )

How can one get public event liability insurance?

Check with a local insurance agent on where public event liability insurance can be purchased. Many of the more well known insurance companies do not specialize in this type of insurance.

What are the terms when offering event liability insurance?

If one means the conditions of the event liability insurance, that varies on what is being covered and by who. If you mean the length of a term, it can be any length, whether short or long term, how long it was agreed upon in the form, and until the event is over.

What does employers public liability insurance cover?

Industry and commerce are based on a range of processes and activities that have the potential to affect third parties. Public Liability insurance covers these third parties who may be physically injured or whose property was damaged as a result of the company.

What service does 'Manitoba Public Insurance' offer?

Manitoba Public Insurance offers a lot of services in relation to driving to include but not limited to driver's education, information for insurance, driver's license, id cards and so on. This is a good site to find out information on how to do things for auto accidents and how to file a claim. It ( Full Answer )

Which companies offer cheap liability car insurance?

Companies that offer cheap liability car insurance are Nationwide and GEICO. There are lots of other good brands out there but these are among two of the most trustworthy and award winning car insurance companies in the market.

Why would Public Liability Insurance be needed?

Public liability insurance is important to businesses as it covers the business if a customer or any member of the public suffers a loss or injury as a result of the business' activity. This type of insurance covers compensation claims as well as legal expenses.

Who are some Public Liability Insurance brokers?

There are many Public Liability Insurance brokers. Some companies that provide this service are 'Hiscox', 'Crowthorne Insurance Services Limited' and 'AXA Insurance'.

What companies offer Auto Liability Insurance in America?

There are several different companies that offer Auto Liability Insurance in America. Companies like, state farm, 21st century, geico, and progressive all offer Auto Liability Insurance in America.

What does Direct Line Holiday insurance offer?

Direct Line Holiday Insurance offers reimbursement of lost or stolen goods, money for health expenses, emergency cash transfer, and Direct Line Holiday Insurance will even pay for a cancelled or unexpectedly cut short trip.

Where can builders get public liability insurance?

Builders can get a public liability insurance from Builders Insurance and Builders Liability Insurance. Both of these organizations will provide builders with online quotes.

Where can I get a Direct Line Insurance quote?

There are a lot of online options also available, just search forthe type of direct line insurance you need and you will find manyoptions from where you can get a quote. The company you seek has anonline quote facility via its website