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No Probably not, but you should check with your doctor about what types of exercise are safe for you.

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Q: Does doing sit ups cause you to have a miscarriage?
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What is the right way to breathe when doing sit-ups?

When you are doing sit-ups i think you are supposed to breathe regular. When you are doing sit-ups i think you are supposed to breathe regular. When you are doing sit-ups i think you are supposed to breathe regular. when doing sit-ups, you breath in when you return your shoulders to the floor, exhail when you come up into the sit up, always pulling your navel to your spine

What muscles are used when doing sit-ups?

Sit-ups work the abdominal muscles, particularly the upper abs.You use your abdominal muscles to do sit ups.

What muscles are you using when doing sit-ups?

Your abdominals.

Can you get in shape by doing press ups and sit ups?


How many calories do you loose doing 230 sit ups?

you will lose on average 150 calories doing 230 sit ups.

Is it possible to get a six pack doing 20 sit ups a day?

no but doing 20 sit ups a day will give you a flat tummy

Can you get a six pack by doing sit ups?

Yes, it is possible to get a six pack pack doing sit ups only, in 1 to 2 months but, you would need to do quite a lot of sit ups a day.

How do kids get abs?

By doing sit ups.

How many calories are burned doing 300 sit-ups?


Which muscle is used most when doing sit-ups?

The muscles of the Abdomen

If you are doing 10 sit-ups and now doing 50 sit-ups a day for how long have you been doing situps?

a long time. few weeks perhaps

Does doing sit ups and push ups prevent growth?

no i have been doing them my hole life and i am six foot

How long to a six pack doing sit ups?

you dont need to do sit ups, you just need to get of the fat that is masking it

Can you do sit ups to make your vagina tighter?

NO doing sit ups ONLY works your abdominus major,and abdominus minor

How do you build abdomen muscles?

By doing sit ups

Why does your stomach cramp up after doing sit ups?

After doing sit-ups you may experience cramps in your stomach area. This happens when muscles are contracted and the intestines are compressed.

Is doing push ups and sit ups bad for children?

no. in moderation they are perfectly fine.

Which activity is mainly a strength training exercise?

doing push ups and sit ups

When doing a sit up is it a good idea interlocking your fingers behind your and and pushing forward while doing sit ups?

Not generally - interlocking your fingers behind your head during sit-ups can cause neck strain and tension. Best practice is to cross your arms across your chest to prevent excess strain.

Do you get muscles from doing sit ups?

Yes, you get abdominal muscles.

How many times a week should you do sit ups?

I would suggest doing it 3 times a week and like 100 sit ups.

How many sit ups should a 5 year old be able to do?

A five year old should not be worried about doing sit ups

What is the record for most sit ups?

111,000 sit-ups in twenty-four hours. but if were talking about boys doing them they do less because they have penises that do them to

Do crunches and sit ups cause the uterus to drop or fall?

Crunches and sit ups do not cause the uterus to drop or fall directly. This may happen if weight is lost.

How many push ups and sit ups for a 13 year old?

As a 13 yr old male, I am able to do 70 to 80 pushups and around 200 sit ups.