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Mules do not reproduce. They are sterile.

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Why are Donkeys called Mules?

Donkeys are not called mules. A donkey is one member of the Equine family. A Horse is a different member of the Equine family. When a donkey Jack is crossed on a mare, the resultant offspring is a Mule. The genetics of donkeys and horses are similar, but the difference results in their offspring (a mule or hinney) being sterile. They cannot reproduce.

What is the difference between a jack mule and a john mule?

The terms are confusing. Male mules are infertile.A "mule" is usually the crossing of a female horse (mare) with a male donkey (jack).A "John" Mule is the nickname given to a male mule, though the correct registry term is "horse mule" or "Gelding". Female mules are called mare mules.A "Jack" is the name given to a male donkey/ass. A "Jack" is fertile.A "Jenny" or "Jennet" is the name given to a female donkey/ass. A "Jenny" is fertile.A "hinny" is the name given when a female donkey (Jenny) is bred to a male horse (stallion). A hinny is classified as a mule and pertains to both male and female sexes of the species (male hinnies and female hinnies).There are some terms that were used at the turn of the century that have fallen from use.Mule-jacks were used to produce mules (ie, they are jack donkeys bred to mares). A jennet-jack was used on jennets to produce more donkeys.

What is jack and mare's offspring?

a donkeys and horses foal is none as a mule. mules arent none to reproduce but it is rare to come across 1 that does.

Is the mule is two mules for sister sara a donkey?

The so called 'mules' in 'Two Mules For Sister Sara' are donkeys, or, in Spanish, 'burros' . A 'mule' is the offspring of a female horse ('mare') and a male donkey ('jack'). A 'hinny' is the offspring of a male horse ('stallion') and a female donkey ('jenny'). Most westerns filmed in the southwest feature numerous donkeys/burros with mules being somewhat more of a rarity.

What is a group of jack asses called?

A group of donkeys or jackasses is called a herd or pace. Most people use the term herd instead of pace.

Were donkeys used to pull wagons?

Wagons that were pulled by male donkeys (Jacks) were known as Jack wagons. They were used in the Borax Beds of Arizona and other locations, that's where the term "20 mule team borax" some were mules, but donkeys were usually much cheaper.

Can a donkey produce more donkies?

Donkeys bred to donkeys produced DONKEYS. Donkey, Burro, Ass, jackass, jennet, Miniature Donkey, Mammoth, Jackstock, standard, Mexican Burro - they are all terms for Donkeys. A male donkey (Jack) bred to a female horse produces a MULE. Mules can be either male or female. A male horse (stallion) bred to a female donkey (jennet) produces a HINNY. Hinnies can be either male or female.

What is the difference between mules and donkeys?

* Mule: A domesticated, hybrid animal that results from crossing a mare (female horse) and a jack (male donkey). * Donkey: A domesticated ass.

What is the difference between mules asses and donkeys?

Mule: A domesticated, hybrid animal that results from crossing a mare (female horse) and a jack (male donkey). Donkey: A domesticated ass. Ass: A four-footed, hoofed mammal related to the horse, but smaller, with longer ears and a shorter mane, shorter hair on the tail, and a dark stripe along the back.

Can a mare horse and a stud horse produce a mule foal?

No. Mules are produced from breeding a male donkey (Jack) with a female horse (mare).

Why is a donkey a jack ass?

Actually, a donkey is a "jack ass" because the male of the ass species is called a jack (females are jennets or jennies). The term then got used to refer to stupid or stubborn people because people that couldn't force donkeys to do something thought it was because they were stupid, stubborn, and/or mean (they can fight back quite effectively if you get too ridiculously forceful).In fact, asses are incredibly intelligent, self-preserving, and they think for themselves, so the more you try to force them to do something, the less likely they are to do it (because now they KNOW it must be a bad idea if you have to try to force it!). Thus, in reality, the asses make jack asses of the humans that try to bully them.Next time someone calls you an ass or a jack ass, thank them. It's really quite a compliment. BTW, their self-preservation instinct is what makes donkeys and mules such good choices for mountainous terrain riding/packing. It's highly unlikely a donkey or mule will go off a cliff, as horses can and do sometimes in panic.------------------------------------------------Prior answer:Because they never listen to what you say it is kinda some guys it goes in one ear and out the other

What was mules name in Roll of Thunder Hear My Cry?


How is a mule obtained and why can't it have offspring?

Mules are "obtained" by a jack (male donkey) breeding with a mare (female horse). Hinnies are offspring of a stallion (male horse) mating with a jenny (female donkey). Mules cannot have offspring because of the different chromosomal numbers between horses and donkeys. See the related questions below for more info.

What does it take to be the president?

The minimum requirements for being the President of the United States of America are: *Being at least 35 years of age *Being an American Citizen i told yall jack asses know who look stupid donkeys and fat elephants

Why don't protons stick together?

because they are jack asses

What animals did the people in the southern colonies raise?

The had many asses..I mean Jack asses of you ^.^ ~YOU JUST GOT RICK ROLLED!!

Do jackasses and female donkeys mate?

Yes, A jack is a male donkey. A Jennet is a female donkey. They mate and make more donkeys. A Jack can also mate with horses. They produce a mule. This is hybrid off spring is 99.9% sterile. Blue Moon is the name of a rare exception. I believe she is located in PA. and looks like a mule.

Where do you get the item finder in Pokemon marvel?

you dont jack asses from unknown guy

What is the difference between a ass and donkey?

They are the same, wild donkeys are called Wild African ass, domesticated donkeys are just known as donkeys. However, some will still refer to them as Jack ass.

Are their female mules?

Yes, mules can be either male or female. They are anatomically normal, but male mules are sterile. Most female mules are also sterile, but there are rare cases where a female mule can give birth.Some people have heard that mules are male and hinnies are female. This is incorrect. Both mules (donkey jack x horse mare) and hinnies (horse stallion x donkey jennet) can be either male or female.

What is a mules father?

A mule is the hybrid cross of a donkey jack for a father and a mare (horse) for a mother.

Why cant a mule reproduce?

Mules are hybrid offspring of a male donkey (Jack) and a female horse (mare) Mules have 63 chromosomes, this odd number causes the vast majority to be born sterile. however it should be noted that female mules can reproduce, but this is very uncommon.

Can mules interbreed?

stallions can breed with jennies, jacks can breed with mares. mules cannot interbreed. the first pairing produces a hinny, which is a worthless animal. The jack to mare horse produces a mule.

Why isn't a mule classified as a hybrid?

Mules are classifieds as hybrids. They are not a true species, they are hybrids between to related but different species. The donkey (Equus assinus) and horse (Equus caballas) can crossbreed and produce offspring, but the offspring (mules or hinnies) are sterile. The mule (jack x mare) and hinny (stallion x jennet) each have 63 chromosomes, and are incapable of procucing more offspring.Any site or reference that lists mules as non-hybrids is incorrect. There is no true scientific name for mules, they are properly listed as "Hybrid (Equus assinus x Equus caballas)"

Can mules mate?

Mules can mate with each other, meaning they can have sex with one another, however a male mule and a female mule cannot produce offspring together. A mule can only be born when a female horse (mare) and a male donkey (jack) mate. Hinnies are produced from the opposite cross: a jenny (female donkey) bred to a stallion (male horse).