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Milk has long been regarded as an important food for children, since it's rich in calcium which has often been linked with children's growth. However the kind of growth which is said to be related to calcium intake is the growth of bones (skeletal growth) rather than the growth of breasts, and even the growth of bones in a child can only be affected by increasing calcium intake if the child is suffering from calcium deficiency.

A balanced diet with all the vitamins, minerals, essential fatty acids (both omega 3 and omega 6), sunlight (vitamin D), water, calories and protein are essential for normal development. Including calcium... limiting calcium to bones is serious misinformation as it plays a major role almost everywhere else too. As is promoting calcium by itself for anything including bones, because it needs to work together with other nutrients to do anything and an imbalance can even make things worse. But, no, while it may be one portion, milk alone won't do it. You need a balanced diet for both proper hormonal balance and development in general.

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Q: Does drinking milk when young increase breast size?
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Does 2 percent milk help increase breast size?

No ... and drinking water will not decrease the breast size either.

Do womens breast get bigger by drinking milk?

No.... Why Think That?

What liquid starting with B is used for drinking?

breast milk

What is clopamon used for?

help increase breast milk in breast feeding nothers

Will drinking alcohol while breast feeding increase the chance your baby will be an alcoholic?

No. However, the baby will ingest a very tiny amount of alcohol in the milk.

When did people start drinking milk?

People have always been drinking milk. The young drink the milk of their mothers to survive.

Is there any problem in drinking breast milk from your neighbour?

folk drink your wife milk instead

Can your baby test positive for opiates by drinking mothers breast milk?


Is it possible to have a breast explosion?

I don't know but probably drinking too much milk. your breast veins will stretch and tear and milk flies everywhere

Does drinking milk increase the size of your breasts?


Does Domperidone work to increase breast milk supply?

I think it will reduce milk production.

Will drinking milk give girls bigger breast?

no hun it wont sorry 2 dissapoint u but drinking milk wont make enydiffrence

Where do whales feed their young milk?

Whales feed their young by breast feeding.

Does milk help to increase breast size?

I believe this question is asking about drinking milk to increase breastmilk production? That's a myth. Nursing women should eat a well balanced diet and drink plenty of water since Breastmilk is a large percentage of water!

Breast milk drinking by adults cause AIDS?

Breast milk contains HIV, and while small amounts of breast milk do not pose significant threat of infection to adults information from: - 92k :( :( :( ♥

How can you increase your semens for future?

you suck your wife's breast milk when she has a baby

What kind of milk is best for a child?

The best kind of milk for a young child is, of course, breast milk. As a child grows older, however, and is weaned off breast milk, it should drink almond milk.

How long does alcohol stay in breast milk?

You shouldn't be drinking alcohol if you're breastfeeding.

When does a mother dogs breast go back to normal?

After the puppies stop drinking milk.

How can you increase breast milk?

if you drink a dark (stout) beer this may increase your milk, but not every doctor recommends it, it is what mothers used to do in the olden days.

Is a leaking breast a symptom of breast cancer?

No its hormones. If you're pregnant the body releases the hormones to increase the breast milk to feed a baby.

How do you increase your breastmilk?

to gentily cuddle the cleavage and to get someone to lick the nipple that way it gets the milk running ****** To increase your breastmilk, breastfeed and/or pump often. Don't not go longer than 3 hours without pumping or breastfeeding. It's the only way to increase low breast milk supply and maintain it. Also seriously consider drinking something like Breastea. You can order it online from the website with the same name. It contains herbs that lactation consultants recommend to increase breast milk production. Drink it daily.

Do breast pumps enhance breast size?

if you pump enough that the breast undergoes the transformation required for milk production, then it is of course possible for a breast pump to increase breast size.

What are the indicators that your baby drinking enough breast milk?

Some indicators are that the baby is gaining weight and the baby stops drinking by itself.

Is drinking breast milk better for you than normal milk?

The beauty of the milk produced by mammals is that it is specifically tailored for the offspring of each species. That means that cow's milk is best for calves, goat's milk is best for goat kids, breast milk is best for babies, etc. So yes, breast milk is better than "normal" (cow's) milk. The packaging for breast milk is also much more appealing than any other source of milk.