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My guess is no. However it could be dangerous as gas could spill out on turns and possibly combust if it were sparked or came in contact with a hot exhaust pipe. Yes. The fuel system is operating in a positive pressure dynamic. Not having your gas cap secured, does not allow the fuel pump to fully pressurize the system, thusly NOT ALLOWING THE SYSTEM TO WORK AT DESIGNED EFFECIENCY.

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Q: Does driving without a gas cap effect fuel economy?
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If a map sensor ges out on a 1997 delta 88 how does it effect driving?

Rough and poor fuel economy.

What is city fuel economy?

Fuel economy that is achieved in primarily city driving

What is the effect of removal of oil subsidy on the Nigeria economy?

Effect of fuel subsidy removal in nigeria economy

How does a bad catalytic converter effect driving?

Hard starting, loss of power, poor fuel economy, and you will fail any emissions test.

Is EPA fuel economy listed on sticker fixed?

No. Fuel economy is influenced by many factors such as driving conditions, driving habits and of course vehicle condition. It is impossible for one set of estimates to predict fuel economy precisely for all drivers in all environments. (From

How many gallon gasoline driving from Brooklyn to Georgia?

That will depend greatly on the fuel economy of the vehicle you are taking.That will depend greatly on the fuel economy of the vehicle you are taking.

How much petrol will you use if driving 107 miles?

It depends upon the fuel economy of the vehicle you are driving.

Will a lower temp rated thermostat have any effect on fuel economy?

No, it could actually decrease fuel economy by decreasing the oil viscosity.

What is the effect of piston displacement on fuel economy?

A larger displacement engine uses more fuel.

Does an idle air control valve effect fuel economy?


What is the fuel efficient mileage for a Ford Focus?

The new Ford Focus equipped with the Super Fuel Economy (SFE) Package combines sporty driving and fuel efficiency with a 40-mpg hwy fuel economy rating.

What driving technique helps you increase your fuel economy?

Idle less, accelerate and drive slower

How much money can you save by inflating your tires properly?

Fuel economy is decreased by underinflated tires as well as the tire life is decreased. So you could probably see a savings of 5-10% in some cases @ 35 psi on fuel economy and save yourself the price of a set of 4 tires. Fuel economy is also affected by your driving style. Speeding, fast starts/fast stops and general nasty driving habits will kill your fuel economy really fast. Slower & steady with easier take offs from the stops will increase fuel economy.

What is the conclusion of driving slower than faster?

better fuel economy, and its better for your engine trans etc

How do you calculate how much fuel you will use?

You need to know the vehicle's average economy and have an estimate of how many miles you plan on driving.To calculate the car's average fuel economy, you need to fill the tank and write down the vehicle's mileage and then drive it until empty (using your normal driving habits). when you fill the tank again, get the mileage and subtract the first mileage reading from that. Take that number and divide it by the number of gallons you purchased and that will tell you the car's average mileage.*(Mileage 1- Mileage 2)/ gallons= average fuel economy*To calculate future fuel usage, take your average economy and multiply that by the number of miles you plan on driving.*average fuel economy X estimated miles= estimated future fuel usage*

How can you improve or increase fuel economy?

There are many ways to increase fuel economy, and many fraudulent products that claim to increase fuel economy. Ways to improve fuel economy can be divided into four general categories: - Driving habits - Fuel considerations - Maintenance tips - Vehicle upgrades One free online guide tries to cover each of these areas well, at the Ultimate Synthetic Oil website of DMT Technical.

What problems will occur to a car without a catalytic converter?

Check engine light, low power, poor fuel economy, highly illegal to run without the catalytic converter.Check engine light, low power, poor fuel economy, highly illegal to run without the catalytic converter.

How has the fuel economy changed from then until now?

Not sure when then was, but fuel economy is always improving.Not sure when then was, but fuel economy is always improving.

What is Eco on 2012 ram 1500?

It is an indicator to tell the driver that he is driving in such a way that he is getting good fuel economy.

What difference in fuel economy does a 283 vs a 350 with 700R4 trans and 2 barrel carb On a 63 four door Chevy Impala.?

If you do mostly city driving the 350 will do better because of the torque required to get it off the line. If you do more highway driving the 283 is a better choice for fuel economy.

What is the fuel economy of the 2006 BMW 325i?

The BMW 325i has relatively decent fuel economy. It is rated at 21 miles per gallon in the city and 29 miles per gallon on the highway. Of course, this is with optimal driving conditions.

3 factors that are important when choosing a fuel for a car?

Three factors that are important to consider when choosing a fuel for a car are the following: Economy, Running costs, and Driving preferences.

Does driving with no muffler damage the vehicle?

It can reduce your fuel economy and performance, but I've never heard of it damaging anything permanently.

What is a good way to increase fuel economy?

No aircon or open windows.Calm driving.Avoiding traffic.Regular servicing.

What is one driving technique that could increase your fuel economy?

Idle less, accelerate easy, drive at a slower speed.