Does earth have comets or asteroids?


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No - but some do come close, they orbit a sun

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It is possible for comets and asteroids to hit Earth, but they are extremely rare events.

Comets and Asteroids can affect the Earth by ...A Asteroid hitting Earth and causing a crater and a Comet can cause excitement on Earth if they are spotted.

Well, some asteroids have small moons, and comets are the size of Earth mountains.

Comets are Comets and Asteroids are Asteroids

Earth is much more massive than asteroids and comets, and thefore has much stronger gravity, which pulls it into a spherical shape. Most asteroids and comets do not have strong enough gravity to do this.

comets meteors and metorites do

Comets and asteroids hit earth, creating craters, releasing enormous amounts of heaat and tidal waves. they also caused dinosaurs to become extinct.

Asteroids and Comets have lots of a lots of things in common.They both are small and orbit the sun and have hit earth and are part of our solar system.

There are no known asteroids or comets that have impacted Mercury.

asteroids are rocks and comets are ice

Moons, asteroids, dust, gas, comets.Moons, asteroids, dust, gas, comets.Moons, asteroids, dust, gas, comets.Moons, asteroids, dust, gas, comets.

well, asteroids are closer to the sun then comets

Moon Near-Earth Objects (asteroids, comets) Venus Mars

They can impact the Earth & damage would be relative to size.

An asteroid would hit earth first

Some do, some do not. Both have in the past hit the Earth.

Asteroids and comets have several similarities. They are both made of rocks and assorted materials, and they both come fairly close to Earth on a regular basis.

The gravitational force of Jupiter pulls in asteroids and comets that might hit earth.

asteroids are space rocks while planets are plantes while comets are comets

Many cultures have superstitious beliefs about comets and asteroids. The Philippines do not seem to share superstitions of comets and asteroids.

Yes, meteoroids are smaller than comets and asteroids.

For comets, no. Asteroids never had any superstitions associated with them.

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