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Does eating baby powder cause you to gain weight?

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Yes, it will cause you to gain weight but not alot. And you should not be eating baby powder in the first place. It could harm you in the long run and has no nutritional value.

2006-07-25 02:26:43
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Does eating baby powder cause intestinal problems?

Eating baby powder can cause many intestinal problems. It can cause blockages which can be severely painful because of how thick the baby powder is.

Can eating baby powder cause yeast infections?

Well, no one should eat baby powder. Do you mean, using baby powder can cause yeast infections?

Can eating baby powder cause migraines?

no it canot

Does eating baby powder cause loss of hearing?


Can eating baby powder cause cancer?

It depends, do you live in California?

What are the risks of eating baby powder and smoking?

Baby powder has chemicals in it why would you eat that!! It can't be good for you cause it is not meant to be eaten.

Do eating baby powder help you lose weight?

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Will eating baby powder affect an unborn child?


Can cats die from eating baby powder?


Is eating baby powder harmful to babies?


How much baby powder do you eat?

Baby powder is a poison (talc) that can cause organ failure and death.

What if baby eat washing powder?

Washing powder is sodium carbonate that is poisnous for us it can cause the death of baby if baby eats it.

Eating baby powder while pregnant harmful?

Stick to eating food items only.

Will baby powder cause asthma?

Breathing it in definitely wouldn't be good for you and could cause a cough. However, I know of no link between asthma and baby powder.

Is eating baby powder addictive?

It's addictive in the sense of what is causing you to consume it. The condition is referred to as pica, the eating of nonfood substances. Baby or talcum powder are dangerous in the sense that they can be easily ingested into the lungs causing respiratory problems, sometimes pneumonia. It would be advisable to consult a physician to determine the cause of your ailment.

Does baby face powder can cause pimples?


What does eating baby powder while pregnant cause?

This is called pica and may be an indication of a mineral deficiency. Talk to your doctor about this - It can be completely harmless, but some baby powders have things that should not be eaten.

Is baby powder harmful to cats?

It can be - baby powder (talcum powder) is a fine particulate material, which means it can get deep into a cat's lungs and cause problems. Also, it is a calcium salt, which if ingested can cause electrolyte issues.

Is baby powder harmful to eat?

The baby powder itself is not harmful, but the powder is so fine that it could be possible for the fine particles to be inhaled and cause respiratory problems.

Does eating babypowder harm you?

It depends on what the baby powder is made of. If it's made of corn starch, it's much less likely to be a problem, but if it's made of talcum powder, consuming it could cause inhalation problems.

Can baby powder cause allergies?

Some baby powder contains corn starch and those who are allergic or have an intolerance to corn may react when they inhale the powder or when it touches their skin.

Does baby powder cause acne?

No, All the baby powders does not cause acne. There are baby powders which is no way suitable for baby skin's and harse on them. so choose the right powder for your baby. see to that whether its mild enough. Johnson is the best company among others.

Does baby powder cause cancer?

I don't know if my answer is right, but if baby powder causes cancer, they would of taken it off the shelves ages ago. From my personal point of view, baby powder does not cause cancer. There is little or no research saying baby powder causes cancer. If it does, then the chances would be near astronomical because baby powder is very commonly used, with, as far as I know, no cases of cancer. (It is more likely that cases of cancer in patients who have used baby powder is pure coincidence.)

Can baby powder cause vaginal infection or urinary infection?


Eat baby powder?

Don't do it. It can cause organ failure and death.