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== == It depends on what sort of breakfast you chose to have. Eating breakfast starts off your metabolism and gets you active for the day; so if you go to school and play sport; this is an important meal. If your breakfast consists of cheese cheese and more cheese or something stupid like that then no; you'll gain weight instead.

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Q: Does eating breakfast make you skinnier?
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How do you make your legs skinnier?

Exercise and eating healthy foods.

Can you make your legs skinnier?

yeah you can. Its called excercise and eating healthy.

How do you know if your kitty has worms?

If your cat gets skinnier, is not eating, or is eating well and getting skinnier.

Can you get thinner by eating chocolate?

Unlikely. Chocolate is high in oils and fats that don't make you skinnier.

What type of word is were?

The word 'were' is a verb and helping (auxiliary) verb.Examples:I was late.You were late.He was late.We were late.You were all late.They were late.I was eating breakfast.You were eating breakfast.She was eating breakfast.We were eating breakfast.You were all eatingbreakfast.They were eating breakfast.

Can you get skinnier in Fable 2?

Yes, you can by eating vegetables, cheese, drinking water, eating healthy stuff, basically. Food from produce stands will get you skinnier.

Why does eating breakfast AND not eating breakfast make me feel sick but I never actually am physically sick?

if you eat breakfast on random days and then not on those days inbetween, then it's your metabolism, (how fast your body uses food).

How do you make your jeans skinnier?

wash them and put them on the dryer and watch them get skinnier,it happened to me

What are the benefits from eating breakfast?

Eating breakfast makes it so you concentrate more and not feel tired

Does tobacco make you skinnier?


Besides eating it for breakfast what else can you do with oatmeal?

make cookies put on face bathe in it

How does not eating breakfast affect how you feel during that day?

Breakfast affects our mood and our waistlines. Those of use who regularly skip breakfast are likely to gain more weight, mostly because we make it up later in the day by eating more. Eating breakfast has many benefits to your health and skipping this important meal can reduce your weight loss success and your general well being.

Will eating a big breakfast speed up metabolism?

eating breakfast will stablize your metabolism but it wont speed it up

Does eating breakfast good for memory?

Yes eating breakfast wake up your mind and boosts the brain for remembrance.

How do you make your legs longer and skinnier?

Well you cannot make your legs longer but you can make them appear longer. It is nearly impossible to just loose weight in one area. You will have to loose weight all over to make one specific asset of your body skinnier. You should do several cardio and strength training workouts a week and change your eating habits.

What the present tense of eat?

eat or eats or eating I eat breakfast everyday. The dog eats breakfast too. We are eating breakfast now.

What foods make you skinnier?


What is breakfast time in spain?

The time that they feel like eating their breakfast

If your fat and you grow taller do you get skinny?

Usually when you grow and keep the same weight, yes you will be skinnier, but if bad eating habits continue over to a new height you will just be taller, but not skinnier.

Is breakfast an adverb?

No. Breakfast is a noun, or can be used as an adjunct or adjective (breakfast cereal). There is no adverb form that means "in the manner of eating breakfast."

Can eating breakfast make you motivate more?

definitely, it gives you more vitality by raising your energy levels.

What words can you make with the letters R E C L E A?

Eating breakfast, I came up with cereal. can't get any others. After breakfast I had to relace my shoe.

Does smoking make you skinnier?

No , makes u fatter

Does missing a meal make you fatter?

No, it makes you skinnier.

What would be your independent variable be in a experiment to see if eating breakfast increased concentration on math assignments?