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Does eating fresh pineapple help bring labor on sooner?

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I heard this rumour. I am into my 41st week and have been in slow labour for a number of days. I have ate 4 whole pineapples and walked 3 miles a day aswell as drinking red raspberry leaf tea. Nothing has made my labour progress you just have to wait for your baby to be ready

Answeryes, in Asia, pineapple had been kind of food that stimulate early labour,induce your menstrual flow, and lead to miscarriage AnswerI think if pineapple induced labor it would be used rather than expensive drugs. Going into labor may follow eating pineapple but that does not mean the pineapple induced labor. AnswerNever heard of pineapple but spicy foods and sex has worked for many.
2012-06-19 01:00:21
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What dessert to make with fresh pineapple?

sliced fresh pineapple

How do you can fresh pineapple?

I really honestly do not think that you can can fresh pineapple because normally it is canned for you

Is it safe to eat fresh pineapple that is starting to ferment?

If it is fresh pineapple it should'nt be fermenting so the answer is no.

How do you stop your puppy eating pooh?

I have found that when I gave my dog pineapple pieces, he stopped eating his own pooh. I was told it was because although they love the taste of pineapple, they cant stand the smell that it has in pooh. It stopped my dog, so when I see him starting to go after his, I just pull out the fresh pineapple and it stops him for about a month or longer.

Can you freeze fresh pineapple?


Why tongue feels funny after eating pineapple?

Surprisingly, it's not because of the acidity of the fruit. Fresh pineapple contains enzymes that are commonly extracted and used in meat tenderizers, and the effect of the enzyme on your tongue causes the prickling.

How many calories in 100g of pineapple?

In fresh (not canned) there are:49 calories in 100g of pineapple14 calories in 28g of pineapple

Are there natural fat burner?

fresh pineapple

Can botulism grow on fresh pineapple?

does you butt then no

How do you bring up white cells if you have low white cells?

from fresh fruit juice or by eating fruits

How do you soothe a tongue bite?

In the past when I have accidentally bitten my tongue I have helped it heal by using a good, antiseptic mouthwash. (2) eating fresh raw pineapple

How many carbohydrates are in fresh pineapple?

Carbs in fresh pineappleThere are:Approx 4 carbohydrates in each 1 ounce or 28g of fresh pineappleApprox 7 carbs in 1 thin ( ½ inch) slice of fresh pineappleApprox 11 carbs in 1 thick (¾ inch) slice of fresh pineappleApprox 22 carbs in one wide in diameter ¾ inch thick slice of fresh pineappleApprox 22 carbs in 1 cup (about 5.6 oz or 165g) of cubed fresh pineapple chunksFor the carbohydrate content of other fruits and a Fruit Carbohydrate Chart, which you can print out and use as a daily guide, see the page link, further down this page, listed under Related Questions.

What different kinds of pineapple can you purchase?

You can purchase tinned and fresh pineapple. Tinned pineapples come in smaller chunks or rings. Tinned pineapple is usually in a syrup (water and sugar) or in actual pineapple juice. Fresh pineapples come with the leaves on, or off, depending where you buy them from.

Why is raw pineapple toxic?

Raw pineapple must be dipped in salty water if it is going to be eaten fresh. I don't think it's toxic, but the fresh pineapple has a certain bacteria in it that makes your throat hurt very badly.

How much cut up fresh pineapple weighs?

That depends on the weight of the pineapple but there is no specific weight of pineapples

Can you make Jello with fresh pineapple instead of using canned pineapple?

yes you ca i am acutually making jello well last week and i used fresh pineapples :) was yummy

When do hawaiians serve coconut and pineapple?

The best answer I can give you it is served FREQUENTLY! It may be at any meal- and until you have had fresh pineapple and fresh papaya for breakfast, you will not know how good it is! Aloha!

What effect did the gelatin piece of fresh pineapple have on the gelatin?

The proteins in the pineapple called bromelain will break down the strands of protein in gelatin that forms jello. Hence, the effect of a fresh piece of pineapple on gelatin is able to keep the gelatin liquidfied.

What enzyme does fresh pineapple containe?

Bromelain--------it digests proteins.

How long Can you keep fresh pineapple for decoration?

3 weeks

Is one antinflamatory food tuna?

not sure but fresh pineapple is

Can you cook fresh pineapple and then use it in jello?

Yes, of course you can!

Where should you keep a pineapple?

The fridge to keep it fresh and cold

How many Calories in fresh squeezed pineapple juice?


How many calories in a grilled fresh pineapple ring?