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No eating ice does not cause your stomach to swell. Eating certain foods such as rice and ice cream can cause stomach swelling.

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Q: Does eating ice swell your stomach?
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Does eating ice make your stomach to swell?

Reports are mixed whether ice causes a stomach to swell. Stomach swelling is more likely caused by eating and drinking things that cause bloating, such as soda and alcohol.

Does eating ice bloat your stomach?

since eating alot of ice i notice my stomach has got bigger

Does eating too much cooked rice cause your stomach to swell?

Eating too much of anything causes your stomach to expand to hold it all. Eating raw rice, though, will not cause your stomach to swell and it actually does not harm birds either, who eat raw rice wherever it grows or is farmed.

Can eating ice cream help the cough?

yes it helps because cold temparture causes the throat not to swell

Can you aggravate your cold by eating ice cream?

Colds are not acutally tied to being cold. Eating ice cream will do nothing unless you are sick to your stomach.

Why does eating ice cause stomach pain?

Because it causes a rapid change in temperature in your stomach, which is interpreted as pain.

Does bread swell in your tummy?

No, bread cant swell in your stomach😊

Does eating ice make you bloated?

The answer is yes. Air is being swallowed as you are chewing ice thus causing bloating in the stomach.

Why does my stomach swell after you have eaten?

It's not that is swells it's just the normal reaction for your digestive system. The more food you put in your stomach the more room it'll make. You're stomach will continue to expand (swell) until you get the right amount of food limit into your pouch. You can also train your stomach to expand more by eating just a tad bit more daily.

Can eating ice cream cause stomach pain and a lot of gas?

If you're Lactose Intolerant it can.

Can you eat ice cream if you have a fever?

If the fever is not too high and eating doesn't upset your stomach, then yes.

How can the organ of the stomach perform this functions?

swell up

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