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Q: Does eating raw rice contribute to irregular periods problems?
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Does eating parsley delay your period?

It doesnt delay, It actually helps in preponing or correcting irregular periods.

What is a personal decision that invoes science?

Does eating meat contribute to health problems?

You have cramps and slight nausea after eating your periods are irregular and you havent had them in 1month and 15 days you dont have sore breast Could you be pregnant?


Which is a personal decision that involves science?

Does eating meat contribute to health problems.. Apex Which experiment to do.

HELP I missed my period but you know im not pregnant?

you could be irregular. How old are you? You could also not be eating right. Problems with nutrition.

Bigger and sore breasts period came on late could you be pregnant?

There is a 4 in 50 chance that your pregnant. Its probably you developing or your periods are irregular caused by eating unhealthy.

Why is not safe to store cooked rice for long periods?

because bacteria can get in the rice and grow thus causing problems for people eating it

Can eating corn starch make you have an irregular period?


Could being on a diet cause you to get your period more frequently because you get your periods every two weeks?

No, if dieting affects your periods at all (which means the diet is too harsh) it reduces your periods. Something else is happening and you need to see a doctor. Hello. Some changes in eating habits or weight loss/gain can cause irregular periods.

Can binge eating after starving yourself cause missed periods?

It's more likely that starving yourself in the first place will cause missed periods. As you starve, some processes in your body slow down or stop, including menstruation. If you continue to disrupt your body with irregular eating and your period does not start up again, it is possible that you will never have a normal period again.

How do you use the word irregular in a sentence?

That's an irregular heartbeat. Eating unhealthy food can make you irregular. 'To be' is an irregular verb. It would be irregular of an FBI agent to not follow standard protocols. Some astronomers study cosmic irregularities.

Can one be pregnant if she misses a month and have irregular eating habits?


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