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Q: Does electric stimulation grow hair
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Does shampoo make hair grow?

Shampoo doesnt make your hair grow or prevent it. stimulation of the root help your hair grow. So as your washing your hair and your scrubbing your scalp that's what help your hair grow.

Does brushing your hair help it grow?

scalp stimulation will help your hair to grow. So if your brush is a soft nylon and touches your scalp while brushing it could be somewhat beneficial

How can one make the hair grow faster?

Generally, there are no techniques that can make hair grow faster, including hair trimming, follicle stimulation, and special hair products. The only proven way to increase hair growth speed is to increase consumption of amino acids through diet change.

What can you use to grow hair at the front of your head?

To help hair growth you need to take vitamins, eat a healthy diet and scalp stimulation. You can purchase a vitamin called biotin specifically for hair.

How do goose bumps help your bodies regulate temperature?

Goosebumps are the stimulation of hair follicles causing your hair to grow at a much faster rate. It also thickens the skin, holding in more heat.

What girls do for self stimulation of sexuality?

stimulate with my electric toothbrush

What is the test that records neuromuscular activity by the electric stimulation of nerves?


Does washing your hair in salt water make it grow?

Interesting question. Unfortunately nothing can make your hair grow faster than what your body is designed to do. The average rate of growth is 1/2 inch every 4 weeks. Remember that is an average anyone is capable of being slightly faster or slower. With that said there are some conditions that may cause someone to be increased in the average (IE psoriasis) or decreased in the average (poor circulation). Think of it this way if there was something out there that REALLY made the hair grow faster we wouldn't complain that our hair did not grow fast enough. Now we can help the hair grow more healthfully (not faster). Stimulation is a great example. This is accomplished through brushing, massage, light therapy, electric currents, to name a few. Diet is also important. your hair is an appendage to the skin and we are what we eat. Miss Cheryl's Place

What has the author Dawn Castel written?

Dawn Castel has written: 'Electrical muscle stimulation' -- subject(s): Electric Stimulation Therapy, Methods

How do you get the electric pink hair on fantage?

You get the Electric Pink Hair from gems.

Does zinc help grow your hair?

zinc does not help grow your hair selenium helps grow your hair!

What has the author Joseph Yao written?

Joseph Yao has written: 'Acupuncture and transcutaneous electrical stimulation techniques' -- subject(s): Acupuncture, Electric stimulation

How does my penis grow hair?

does the hair grow on the dick?

Where is the mechanical stimulation of sound converted into a nerve impulse?

In The Hair cells.

What animals grow hair after they are born?

Only mammals grow hair on their body. No other animals grow hair.

How do you grow your hair extension?

Hair extensions do not in themselves make your hair grow,but instead give your hair more time to rest and grow

What products would promote the growth of black hair?

There is no such chemical or product that promotes the growth of hair, the chemical that changes the natural pigment can be known as hair color. The only truth to hair growth is blood flow & stimulation of the scalp, this is the only known cause. Some examples are as follows: *Massaging the scalp. Stimulation, such as brushing or combing the hair. As far as chemicals, they are used to change the natural state of hair, and also can be very damaging if not applied correctly. *Products are helpful to hair that is damaged or dry. Deep conditioners applied with heat are also very helpful with reconstruction of the hair, and end result hair that is healthy will grow faster. :)

Does heather from tda grow her hair back?

actually yes she does she stars in an after math commercial when geoff shocks her in an electric chair andten her hair puffs up into an afro so yes she has grown hair but its shorter

Where can hair grow?

Hair can grow anywhere on your body,man......

Castor oil grow hair?

No it does not help to grow hair.

Can exercise grow body hair in men?

No it can not grow your hair.

Does hair still grow if you straighten it?

Yes hair will grow.

How do you make your hair grow with mayonnaise?

You can't. Your hair will grow or not grow with or without mayonnaise.

How many inches does your hair grow everyday?

if you black how to make your hair grow each month how to make your hair grow if you black

What happens in deep brain stimulation?

In deep brain stimulation (DBS), electrodes are implanted within the brain to deliver a continuous low electric current to the target area.