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Yes, bromine water tests for double bonds and if they are present (like in an alkane such as ethane) it will change from orange/yellow to colourless.

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Does ethene change from orange to colourless when it reacts with bromine water?

The ethene doesnt change from orange to colourless as ethene is already colourless but the bromine water turns from orange to colourless.

What happens if ethene is shaken with bromine water?

The solution will turn the orange bromine water into a colourless solution

What happens to vegetable oil when bromine water is added?

The bromine water turns from orange to colourless, as it is breaking the double bonds. When the oil becomes saturated, any more bromine water that is added will not turn colourless.

What turns bromine water colourless?

alkenes turn bromine water colourless

What happens when ethene is mixed with bromine water?

it goes from a browny orange to colourless

What you would see when orange bromine water is shaken with propene?

Bromine water is a dilute solution of bromine that is normally orange-brown in colour, but becomes colourless when shaken with an alkene. Alkenes can decolourise bromine water, while alkanes cannot.

What is observed when bromine water is added to ethene?

The ethene reacts with the bromine and the solution turns colourless (from its original orange colour).

What happens when acetylene is bubbled through bromine water?

Acetylene will change colour from orange to colourless.

What color is bromine water and NaCl mixed together?

Bromine water and NaCl mixed together appears colourless. The only condition which there is a colour is when the bromine water is old (bromine water is basically rum), but under normal conditions, the mixture ought to be colourless.

Would ethane decolorise bromine water?

Actually no...ethane ( Alkane class in general ) decolourise bromine water due to the absence of the double bond ( C=C )...so ethene (alkenes in general ) will decolourise the bromine water..

What tests are used to identify Alkenes?

Use bromine water. So basically if you add an alkene to bromine water (brown/orange liquid) and then shake it, the end product would be a colourless solution. This is because alkenes are unsaturated so they have a double bond, which breaks when you add it to the bormine water as it reacts to make the colourless solution.

Why does bromine water fade when testing for saturation?

Bromine reacts with the double / triple bonds giving typically a colourless compound. the bromine water therefore fades as the bromine reacts.

How do you know if something is unsaturated?

its react with bromine water or idone and turns the solution colourless. not clear colourless...more scientific..haha

How can bromine water test the difference between alkanes and alkenes?

Bromine water can test the difference between alkanes and alkenes because the bromine water turns colourless for the alkenes but doesnt change for the alkanes.

What color does bromine water go when it reacts with an alkene?

Firstly, there is a discharge of reddish brown colour due to bromine which then turns colourless.

Why does polyethene not react in the same way with bromine water as ethene?

As polyehtene is unsaturated(single bond) it does not react with bromine and there is no colour change.But bromine reacts with ethene and it becomes colourless.

What happens when bromine water is added to oil?

it changes colour form orangy-brown to colourless

What happens if you mix cooking oil with bromine water?

it changes colour form orangy-brown to colourless

Which tets coudl be used to distinguish between ethene and methane?

Ethene can react with Bromine water - turns colourless

Why water is colourless?

Why Is Water Colourless

Does ethene react with Bromine in the presence of UV light?

Yes, however it doesn't require it either to react. ethene+bromine water→1,2-dibromoethane Ethane reacts with bromine only in the presence of UV forming bromoethane and hydrogen bromide.

What test is used to distinguish between ethene and methane?

Ethene is an unsaturated substance since it is alkene and has one double bond, we can use bromine water to test ethene. Yellow bromine water turns colourless if the substance is ethene. If it is methane which is alkane ( not alkene ), bromine will stay yellow.

Why water vapour is colourless?

because water is colourless therefore its vapour is colourless.........common sense.

Is ethane hydrophobic?

Ethane is insoluble in water.

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