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If state law requires it. Some states do not have laws requiring businesses to have such coverage. Other states have limitations such as the number of employees, type of work, etc.

Another issue is the type of occupation. For instance, Firefighters and Policemen have their own 'plans of coverage' for on-the-job injuries.

Some other occupations may also fall into this "TYPE" of situation. Off the top of my head, however, these are the only two coming to mind.

Even if the state has an exemption AVAILABLE (number or type of employee) the employer remains liable, so exercising the exemption is not wise unless you have funding available to pay a claim. An option in most states for *some* workers is Occupational Accident coverage, which can provide many benefits similar but not equal to Workers Compensation coverage.

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Can you use Workman's Comp if you work under a 1099 contract?

First. My answers are for U.S. Employees ONLY. If you're a 1099 employee and you work in any setting, You are covered by Workman's Comp. If you work for a company and they pay you 1099, but you work for them, same place every day, etc, they MUST carry Workmans Comp insurance to cover you. Now there are a couple of exceptions. For instance you are, or work for ABC cleaning company. If you submit a bill or a bill is submitted on your behalf to garner payment, then it is the bill generators responsability to cover you with Workmans Comp Insurance. If the employer informes you he does and will not carry this type of insurace, and you agree and sign off and are compensated for said lack of coverage, then your "employer" need not carry Workmans Comp Insurance on you. If you want complete details of who and what coverages need to be carried go to Google.com and search Workmans Comp rules & regulations for YOUR STATE or Country, as all states/countries vary a small amount.

Is Geico the only nationwide insurance company that offers coverage for motorcycles?

Not at all, just about every large insurance company offers motorcycle coverage. I insure through progressive and have been impressed with their low rates.

Does every company have an employee handbook?

No, but a company of any size probably will. It's useful for making sure employees have access to the information they need.

How can a manager be successful?

Meet regularly w/your employees(maybe once a week). Organization(assigning job duties to your employees and putting trust that they will accomplish task.) Have employees to keep you up to date with assigned tasks. Treat everyone with respect but separate friendship from business. every now and then have a company lunch or breakfast to bring employees closer together. Persuade your employees that your the best company happened to them and encourage the best from them. Company incentives for productive work from employees.

Why does a company seek to make a profit every year?

After all the employees and the expenses have been paid off the profit is used to improve the company or its also how the owners make money

Why is Human Resources necessary in every business?

Human Resources is necessary in every business because the core of every business is generally it's employees. Human Resources will help manage, evaluate, develop, and scout potential employees. Success in these areas will lead to a strong foundation for any company.

Does insurance pay for cell phones broken by the customer?

Actually when you bought the phone the company you have your service through should have offered coverage if something happened to your phone. It is extra every month and is around $7-10 every month. If you do not have this coverage then you have to buy a whole new cell phone.

Should every business have a business email?

A business email is used for communicating with clients, vendors and employees of the company. Hence, every business should prefer to have a business email.

What is the purpose of right to work laws?

To keep unions from destroying the nature of business. To keep them from getting control over every aspect of a company. To reinforce that employees shouldn't have to be in a union to work for a company.

When does the pay period end for McDonald employees?

The pay period for McDonald's employees ends every other Friday. Employees are paid only every two weeks at the restaurant.

How would you contribute to our organization?

it is upto the company to make the most of its employees, however, in my capacity i shall give my best efforts in every thing that is expected out of me.

Why do you have to pay back your company for holidays?

It is not appropriate for employees to pay the company that has employed them for holidays. According to the labor and employment law, every employee is entitled to 30 days fully paid holiday or leave.

How does a company send a corporate wine gift?

A company can send a corporate wine gift just like every other gift. Their options are sending it in the mail to their employees or to drive to their homes and give it to them personally.

Where can I find car insurance in Nevada?

Every state has different requirements that need to be fulfilled by the insurance company that you choose. The coverage that is required specifically in Nevada is Bodily Injury Liability that equals to $15,000 per injured person with a limit of $30,000. You also are required to carry Property Damage Liability of at least $10,000. This is the minimum requirement; however you always have the option to purchase more coverage. The method of basic coverage may be referred to from your insurance company as 15/30/10 coverage.

Can a vehicle be reposessed for no insurance coverage?

Yes, Almost every Auto finance contract requires the buyer to carry Full coverage auto insurance for the term of the finance note. Failure to company with the terms of the finance contract you signed is a default on the part of the buyer and subjects the vehicle to repossession and other remedies at the disposal of the finance company.

Which auto insurance companies would you recommend in Arizona?

Being in the military and subject to moving from station to station it may be easier to hire a national company rather than a local insurance company for your coverage. Companies such as Progressive, State Farm, Nationwide and General Insurance offer coverage in every state and provide affordable rates.

Do employees of Church's Chicken get paid weekly?

Church's Chicken employees do not get paid weekly. Like every other fast food business, the employees receive a check every two weeks.

How often does McDonald's Pay Their Employees?

Most McDonald's pay their employees every other week.

How often do McDonald's employees get paid?

Most McDonald's pay their employees every other week.

When do stop and shop employees get paid?

every week or every 2 weeks .

What does collector car insurance company mean?

Collector car insurance means you can insure your classic car for coverage due to damage or liability. This is specialized insurance that is not available in every state.

What weekday every 2 weeks do party city employees get paid in Maryland?

Party city employees in Maryland get paid every 2 weeks on a Friday

What is the service area of Time Warner Cable company?

The Time Warner Cable company offers the greatest service coverage in the United States. Over 30 million people use Time Warner because it can be found in most every city.

What is the geographical cell area for cell phones?

Every carrier has a different coverage area. Go to their websites to see their coverage maps.

What kind of website is Uniforms Life?

Uniforms life is about healthcare marketplace, The Life Uniform Company caters to the needs of all healthcare employees in every retail channel available

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