Does every pregnant women get pregnancy symptoms or are there women that just dont experience any?

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I did not have any symptoms for the first fourth months of pregnancy.  I still had my normal menstrual cycle, no morning sickness or fatigue. I thought that the true way to determine if you are pregnant is no period. Why I am hearing so many women say that they had regular periods and were in FACT PREGNANT. How is that possible.
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How soon can you experience pregnancy symptoms?

I had chest pain as first sign of pregnancy. Went to doctor and refused to do x-ray since i was trying to get pregnant. Pregnancy test was negative a day before. It was stabbing pain for few hours and then gone. When went to doctor, and that day at doc office it turned out positive (it was the day 2 ( Full Answer )

What are some symptoms of pregnancy and how can you tell if you are pregnant without taking any pregnancy test?

symptoms of pregnancy . missed menstrual period\n . nausea, with or without vomiting\n . food aversions or food cravings\n . fatigue\n . frequent urination\n . breast changes and breast tenderness\n . new sensitivity or feelings in your pelvic area\n . metallic taste in your mouth\n . \n ( Full Answer )

Have there been any cases where home pregnancy tests never worked on some pregnant women?

Answer . Hello there. \n. \nYes there has been hundreds of cases where home pregnancy test have not worked on a pregnant woman. They dont work for various reasons such as faulty test, testing too early, not enough hcg etc. The reasons are endless. \n. \nThe most common reason is the HCG isn't ( Full Answer )

What if you don't experience pregnancy symptoms?

Answer . Do not worry. Some women have the pleasure of not feeling any symptoms durning pregnancy and it is completely normal, but if you are very conserned, seek your doctor.

You have not missed a period. the pregnancy test was negative but you have literally every symptom. are you pregnant?

Answer . The answer is maybe. . Sometimes the concentration of hormone is too low in the urine and a false negative is given. You can spot and make you think you still have/had your period. . Sometimes the test may give a false neg. or positive. . If you think you are pregnant, your mind may ( Full Answer )

Symptoms of a pregnant women?

Typically your first symptom is missing your period. Sore breasts, bloating, nausea show up later.

What time do women start feeling pregnancy symptoms?

Your symptoms of pregnancy will usually appear anywhere from the first week of your expected period to 1-2 weeks after your first week of expected period. Your first signs of pregnancy most commonly include missed period, tender/swollen breasts, change in color of the breasts, fatigue, nausea/vomiti ( Full Answer )

Can women tell they are pregnant before experiencing any symptoms?

Some women claim that they just have that "gut feeling" that they are pregnant and they turn out to actually be pregnant. The problem with this is many women have that same gut feeling because they are worried about being pregnant when they really aren't. The mind is a very powerful thing that, i ( Full Answer )

What are the symptoms of males when a women is pregnant?

This phenomena, also known as sympathy symptoms, occur in males when their female partner is pregnant. It's been reported that men experience many of the same symptoms that their significant other experiences, including but not limited to: . Weight gain . Exhaustion/fatigue . Moodiness . Bloate ( Full Answer )

Is there any safe detox for pregnant women?

The only safe detox during pregnancy is with the supervision of a trained Addictionalogist and OBGYN. Any woman using drugs during pregnancy is considered a high risk pregnancy, which can endanger the life of the mother and the fetus. Also depending on the drugs being abuse will determine the medica ( Full Answer )

If you experience pregnancy symptoms and then get your period did you miscarry or were you not pregnant?

Either one of these is possible, as it is even possible to be pregnant and still have a period. If you had an abnormally heavy period there is a chance of a miscarriage, which would be more likely if you had unprotected sex, were drinking a lot, involved in violence, losing a lot of weight or experi ( Full Answer )

Why do pregnant women experience difficult in breathing?

At about nine months a human baby(fetus) has the impulse to push with its legs. This is a natural condition to assist in childbirth. Newborns have the ability to stand with assistance - this is just the residue of this reflex. So sometime, when getting ready to be born, an unborn baby will stiffen i ( Full Answer )

Can a women become pregnant any day?

As long as they are not already pregnant, and have gone though their first menstruation, then yes. On any day they can get pregnant, but it helps for it to be during ovulation, which happens twice a month.

Can men experience pregnancy symptoms?

Men can go through certain symptoms when their wives are having symptoms. This is a type of psychological reaction to what they are seeing their wives go through.

Why some women dont show during pregnancy?

Everyone is different- some women don't show for months, but eventually everyone gets "the Bump". You have probably heard stories about women who "wake up" and find that they've given birth... although I have NO idea how someone could sleep through that

Can you get pregnant if sperm doesn't go inside you but is just on not in the women?

It's not advised to ejaculate anywhere near a woman's vagina in case the sperm does manage get to her opening. Once sperm is within the woman's libia (the flaps near her main opening) it's a vacuum action up into her uterus area where she can fall pregnant. It's very unlikely that the sperm in your ( Full Answer )

Are any rides safe for pregnant women?

If you are late in the pregnancy I would imagine the roller coaster can be quite uncomfortable along with anything you are turned upside down in. The rest is just for what the individual feel. As far as I know there's no ride particularly dangerous to a pregnant woman.

Is it possible for a pregnant women to vomit in the first week of pregnancy?

No. Pregnancy is calculated as 40 weeks or 10 months from your last monthly period. The average woman ovulates around day 14 of her cycle, so if she has sex and gets pregnant when she ovulates, she would not even know she was pregnant until she misses her period around day 28. So, this means that ( Full Answer )

Why pregnant women vomiting during pregnancy?

During early pregnancies hormone Human Chorionic Gonadotropin (HCG) level will be so high . So pregnant women feeling vomiting sensation during early in the morning and also nausea feeling. This condition is known as Hyper Emesis Gravidum.

Did any pregnant women die in the holocaust?

Yes, of course. The Nazis didn't spare women on grounds of pregnancy. On the contrary, they gassed visibly pregnant women as they assumed that they were not be much use as slave labour.

Is it safe for pregnant women to go through their pregnancy with out any monthly check ups with a doctor?

No. There are many things that can be wrong both with the woman and the baby. Many things can be corrected before birth but if she don't see a doctor it can cause complications during and after birth both for her and the baby. The checkups are not only for her but also for the baby. And there is usu ( Full Answer )

Are there any womens fitness clubs made just for pregnant women?

One well known fitness club that offers classes to pregnant mothers is 24-hour fitness. 24-hour fitness offers a class called Aqua Ballet. This class is perfect for expectant mothers. You would have to contact the local fitness clubs in your area to find other fitness clubs that offer programs speci ( Full Answer )

Are there any gyms just for women fitness?

Yes, there are gyms just for women's fitness. Two well-known national chains of gyms for women are Lucille Roberts and Curves. You can call their toll-free numbers to find out if they have locations in a specific part of the country.

How early do women usually feel symptoms of pregnancy?

I felt symptoms as early as the first week...cramps, urges to go to the bathroom and a bloated feeling in my pelvic area (was told my uterus was expanding). Not to forget the "sleeping" syndrome and sensitivity to smell.

What are those symptoms of pregnant women?

There are several: 1) Skipped menses. You missed one or more periods. This maymanifest as spotting without heavy flow. 2) Morning sickness. Unexpected nausea, at any time of the day. 3) Frequent urination. 4) Fatigue. You are tired more than usual. 5) Strange cravings for foods, or strange aversion ( Full Answer )