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Q: Does every woman get her cherry popped?
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If you popped your cherry with a tampon will sex still hurt?

it all depends on the woman. and how fast she can heal.

Why does it hurt to have your cherry popped?

When your cherry is popped, you break the hymen, which is a mucus membrane that covered the vaginal opening.

Can you have kids but never had your cherry popped before?

Yea becauSe Im pregnAnt now and never had my cherry popped

Can you tell if you've popped your cherry?

If you've had sex then you've popped your cherry, as it's a slang term for losing your virginity.

Does you cherry have to be popped to get pregnant?

No your ''cherry'' doesnt have to get popped for you to get pregnate. There has been reports of ''virgin'' births. It can happen it the sperm gets inside.

Do both girls and boys get their cherry popped?

really , only a girl can get her cherry popped ( when she lose's her virginity ) but , in they gay world . when a boy is having there first time having anal sex . they tend to say i got my cherry popped .

What does your cherry popped mean?

It's slang for a girl losing her virginity. The first time a woman has sex, her hymen breaks, causing her to bleed. Someone related that red color to a cherry.

Do girls bleed when their cherry is popped?

Not all girls bleed when they lose their virginity. Some girls can pop their cherry by playing sports or using tampons. Remember every girl is different.

Can you bleed even if your cherry isn't popped?


What happens if your cherry is popped?

You're no longer a virgin

How do you know when a females cherry has been popped?


How far is the cherry in a urethra?

If you happen to be refering to having your cherry popped that refers to the hymen, have a look

How do you know if your cherry have poped yet?

If you've had a penis inside then your 'cherry' (hymen) has 'been popped'.

You are 13 you have your period does that mean your cherry has popped?

No "having your cherry popped" is slang for having sexual intercourse and breaking the hymen. There is a small opening in your hymen that allows menstruation to happen.

What a man feel when he breaks a virgin?

Her cherry, When the man goes in he feels a gush and that's when he has popped her cherry.

Does it hurt when the cherry is popped?

No it doesnt.. when mine was a suprise but not painful

You are bi and your girlfriend popped your cherry are you still a virgin?

how did she pop it

Do you get sick and throw up the day after your cherry has been popped?


How do you tell if your cherry has been popped?

you will start bleeding temperarily

When a girl gets her cherry popped does it hurt afterwards?

It can - and usually does.

How you are gone know your wife is vergine?

Her "cherry" isn't popped.

What do you do when you pop your cherry?

When your cherry gets pops nothing really happens but all that does happens is that when you have sex it means you have popped your cherry -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- When you pop your cherry, it is when your hymen is popped. This usually happens when you have sexual intercourse for the first time or you have masturbated repeatedly. Your hymen is the membrane that surrounds the vagina opening.

How do you get a popped cherry?

You would have sex. A "popped cherry" is slang for tearing a woman's hymen and losing virginity. So if you have sex for the first time, then you lose your virginity, and usually tear the hymen.

When your boyfriend fingers you i you start to bleed does that mean he popped your cherry?


Can a girl feel her cherry being popped?

yes and it f'in hurts