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Does everyone on the team get a Super Bowl ring if they win even if they did not actually play in the game?

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Yes. It's up to the team how many rings they give out, but usually even cheerleaders, trainers, etc. get rings. The NFL pays for 150 rings for the winning team, with a limit of $7,000 per ring (wow), but the team can buy more if it wants to. They sometimes will get different styles of rings for the players and coaches, and somewhat less expensive ones for the non-coach or player personnel. Here are some of the people who may get rings:

  • The entire player roster (53 people)
  • The coaching staff
  • The front office
  • Other support personnel
  • Practice squad players
  • Players on injured reserve
  • Players who were on the roster at some point during the season
  • Sometimes even a few fans are given one in the form of a fan raffle

The losing team gets money to buy rings as well. They are given less money, and people don't usually brag about them, but they exist. They are referred to as AFC/NFC Championship rings, and are a little less grandiose than the Super Bowl rings.

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