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When exposing a narcissist you have to have concrete proof. otherwise it's his/her word against yours. True narcissists HATE the truth about themselves and will deny it no matter what. You can have video of them with their hand in the cookie jar and they will claim it's not them or you made them do it. This being said, don't waste your time unless you can prove what you say absolutely. If you can, well then have a ball. I have worked with a couple of clinical narcissists and usually they don't last all that long. Just never put them in a position to mess with you... since they always will... Also, keep in mind that narcissists have no respect for anyone equally. They are the ultimate suck-up's but would hang their own mother out to dry. True N's are miserable people inside and that's why they are so nasty. They lack a conscience so have no problem lying, it's how they function. N's despise happy people with good marriages and happy lives. Just wave a bit of joy around an N and watch the sparks fly. If you really want to take them over the edge prove they are liars in public.


Only those associates who are very close to the N can see something weird. The rest may see the N as a normal person. Either ways, it is hell of a problem to expose an N. Narcisissm (NPD) is not well understood by the populace as a disorder and the difficult spelling does not help. People who are familiar with the weird behavior tend to look for a simpler explanation than accept (or get into) something called NPD.

People very close to the N may (and I have really seen this) believe that you are the person with a problem.

AnswerIf his current associates have narcissistic issues of their own or if they aren't actually seeing the bad behaviors you are, then they will most likely be in allegiance to the narcissist. Remember, the narcissist wants power and he/she is likely to have other people around him on his good side. You are better off documenting as much as you can and going to human resources if need be.

One of the key reasons why it takes so long to recover from such an event or person is because the truth is so shocking that for a while it is far safer to stay in denial. This could be said for his "associates". Imagine if you've known someone for a long time and his former girlfriend comes out with this information? How would anyone feel? Stupid? Blind? They' d rather not accept that they too have been victims. And I've experienced this with my own situation. It didn't matter how many stories (and oh there were so many) that I told someone, I still found it hard to convince them of the truth. No one wants to think they've been friends with someoen so dangerous. And I understand that now. So take heed in that. Unless someone says something first, there's no point. You will be scapegoated.


What you got to do is wait for them to notice something odd about the N then offer your opinions. Its one of those things you can almost never convice anyone that he is such a snake. They have to find out first hand.

Better still. Especially if they are someone very dangerous. Keep all the evidence in a safe Place. Then write a book about them exposing them to the whole world and warn everyone about them but dont mention their real name LOL. Then when they get all upset because you haven't even given even bothered to give them a name. You can reply "sorry I dont know who are your talking about" LOL

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Q: Does exposing the narcissist to his current associates ever work or do they tend to believe YOU are the one with a problem due to their allegience to the narcissist?
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Does a narcissist focus his rage on just one person?

No, a narcissist will swindle or manipulate ANYONE that will believe their lies. If you have something a narcissist wants, he will find a way to get it from you. narcissists and psychopaths prey on: the too trusting other narcissists and naive people in general that refuse to believe that there are people out there that enjoy hurting others.

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To believe in him requires you to trust with your heart. But if in your heart you believe otherwise, follow your instinct.

A narcissist doesn't always use another woman as N supplyit can be another source right?

Yes, I believe that this is true, it doesn't have to be another woman. I have recently witnessed someone that I believe is a narcissist (but not a malignant narcissist) go FROM an NS of male friends TO an NS of another woman. But the male friends were the NS for quite some time. I think the narcissist will use as an NS anyone - male or female - that satisfies his need for narcissistic supply.

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OMG ! why would you want to win a narcissist! Obviously, you should research what a narcissist is first. That is what I had to do and believe me that is the last thing I would like to win. Please do some indepth research before you try and win a narcissist's heart - you will be glad you did. We only have one life to live and make it a good one.

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Yes. They lie so much that they cannot tell the difference between truth and fantasy.

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Narcissists are tricky, and I've done a lot of research on this subject. Manipulating a narcissist isn't really that hard. You can smother the narcissist in compliments, you can intimidate them with something they fear, believe me it works.

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I do not believe that anyone knows the answer to this question. It is probably a combination of Nature and Nurture that causes narcissism. I don't believe there any "instances" which one could point and say "that caused so and so to be a narcissist." Unfortunately, without a known cause, chances are there are no known cures. If you are involved with a narcissist, you only can decide for yourself if you wish to remain involved. The narcissist WILL NOT change and is UNABLE to change. Also, keep in mind that naricssists are advanced, talented manipulators. Tread carefully and protect your emotions when dealing with a narcissist. You will end up with hurt feelings, there is no way around that. In some sense, the narcissist gets a pass. Not necessarily from their negative behavior of course, but a pass none-the-less, because "technically" it isn't their fault they have narcissistic tendencies. Most people can control how they treat others however; the narcissist will repeatedly treat people poorly because the people in their lives allow the mistreatment to continue. In other words, the only way to not be subjected to abuse from a narcissist is to totally and absolutely cut all ties with the narcissist.

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I'd say so. Many people who believe in this consider themselves as gods. This would be a great for someone who is a narcissist.

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A narcissist is not capable of love. The narcissist is a heartless, soulless individual. "Love" to the narcissist is the feeling of euphoria that he/she gets when a new narcissistic supply source has been found. Because they are extremely enamored, they project the feeling of being in madly in love with you, therefore fooling you into thinking it's genuine love. They actually might believe it themselves (kind of like pathological liars or people who pass lie detector tests) because they are mentally ill. Trying to ride out that relationship with the narcissist? Save yourself the pain and RUN!

Can someone with narcisistic personality disorder be faithful?

I believe the short answer is "no." A narcissist believes that all people should love him. Therefore, once he has gained your love, you will be just like everyone else. Narcissists are only attracted to those who do not love them. To love a narcissist is to experience heartbreak.

Does a narcissist every change any behaviors for example stop drinking?

No. A narcissist cannot change. Narcissism is an untreatable personality disorder. It is unrealistic to believe a narcissist can change any behavior. In the world of the narcissist, he or she is center, remorseless, and sees no reason to change. He may manipulate his chosen one into believing he will change as manipulation and omnipotence are core to his insatiable need to control and keep his partner. Losing is not an option for the narcissist. Because of his inability to feel remorse, the narcissist acts out normal responses based purely on observation of others. He may say he will stop drinking to keep the relationship of abuse and chaos intact. Indeed, he cannot perceive a reason not to do exactly as he chooses to do. The narcissist lacks the ability to be accountable to any person or promise. He has no sense of remorse, no need or feelings for others exept to objectify

Is it common for a narcissist to believe in the approach of armaggedon?

Doom and gloom sure, inside themselves they have a turmoil going on that is on the same level of the belief of the end of days.

Can a narcissist recover?

From everything I've read on the subject, it is not likely. They have deep emotional problems that they are not able to confront and you have to recognize that you have a problem before you can begin to solve it. If you are a narcissist, and believe that you are, seek professional help and try to work on things. If you are involved with a narcissist, the most important thing you can do is make sure you are not victimized because that is what happens. Have enough respect for yourself and faith in who you are to get out of any situation that is not healthy for you. That one certainly is not.

Can a narcissist become pathologically jealous of his mate and constantly believe he is being cheated on?

A narcissist doesn't feel jealousy, but rather doesn't like losing his prey. He likes control and wants his prey back to continue to abuse and demean his victim. Narcissists have no respect for women whatsoever!

Can one use a narcissist sexually?

One is foolish to believe that one can manipulate a narcissist in any way. While it might be possible to get your way for a while, it will surely backfire eventually and cause you a great deal more trouble than it is worth. Narcissists do not get used, they use others.

What medicine do they treat a narcissist?

I don't know that there is one but you could always check with your doctor. It would be difficult to get a narcissist to admit that there is something wrong with them in the first place for them to seek treatement seeing as they feel superior to anyone else and therefore perfect. They believe there is something wrong with everyone around them.

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No. They just believe in doing things. Dont judge them if you do your just as bad as Hitler against Jews. The person who posted that answer above is clearly a Narcissist.