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Does fat or muscle keep you warmer?

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Fat is a better insulator, but muscle is what creates the heat. The more muscle one has, the more heat they generate, but the heat dissipates quickly without any insulation (fat). Arctic seals have a lot of fat on the outside of their body but a large central core of dense muscle, enabling them to get warm and stay that way.

If one has a high amount of body fat and low muscle mass, one will slowly become cold and take a long time to heat back up. If one is the opposite (e.g., high muscle and low fat) one will get cold fast but heat up quickly.

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In winter fat people keep warmer than thin people?

because they have more fat on their body which keeps them warmer!:-)

How to lose body fat but keep muscle?

there is no way

Does running burn fat or muscle?

Fat if you have any, and it would build up muscle, however if there are no reserves of energy in the form of fat or food intake, the body will burn muscle to keep going.

Do fat people stay warmer than skinnier people?

Fat people have a bigger fat layer around their muscles, but they do not always stay warmer. Many "skinny" people are thin because they are quite fit and have a lot of muscle; muscles make you warmer. If the thin person is thin because they are just undernourished and in poor shape, then the fatter person will be warmer.

Which is better fat or muscle?

Both/neither; they serve different purposes in your body, and you need both. Fat is energy storage, and muscle enables movements. But it is best to keep your fat percentage under 20%. :)

Can you build muscle over fat?

no its not impossible to build muscle over fat, but it is impossible to change ur fat into muscle. Fat and muscle are completely different things therefore you cannot change fat into muscle. You can build muscle over fat though. Just do cardio to lose fat

Is fat muscle?

no. fat is lighter than muscle

What happens if you build muscle on top of fat?

You can't build muscle on top of fat. The fat will burn away and you will create the muscle. Muscle basically replaces the fat.

Will distilled water change fat into muscle?

No, fat cannot turn into muscle and muscle cannot turn into fat.

Why are fat people warmer than thin people in the winter?

Heavier humans have more body fat therefore produce heat to keep themselves warm.

What is the weight of muscle compared to fat?

When comparing the weight of muscle and fat it is important to know that muscle weighs more than fat. This is because muscle is more dense than fat.

What do you do when you exercise and eat healthy but you don't lose weight?

Weight is not the enemy, fat is. Your weight may be staying the same, but you are probably replacing fat with muscle. Muscle is more dense than fat. A pound of fat takes up more space than a pound of muscle. Keep excersizing and eating right and you will be in shape.

Why will a balanced diet keep not only yours bones healthy but all parts of the body as well?

build muscle and burn fat the ways to build muscle and burn fat are proper eating

Will you gain wight if you keep training?

yes but it will be because muscle weighs more than fat

How do Arctic whales keep warm?

Because they have so much muscle and fat on them, it keeps then warm.

What burns first fat or muscle?

When fasting fat goes first then muscle.

Can you turn fat to muscle?

no you cnat, but you can burn fat and eventually replace it with muscle!

What rate does muscle turn to fat without exercise?

Muscle does not turn to fat.

How do you get fat in your arms to make it into muscle you have to have fat to make muscle?

fat will never turn into muscle. If you want muscle, you need to lift heavy weights and eat plenty of protein. but you need some fat from your food for energy :>

Is it easier to gain muscle from fat?

It's impossible to gain muscle from fat. You get muscle from heavy exercises and protein :>

Do muscle act on surrounding fat?

no muscle not act on surrounding fat. muscle act on moving. fat accquired from laziness. laziness=muscle not acting. Studies have shown that muscle do in fact act upon its surrounding fat. Muscle that has been developed allow a 12% increase for the surrounding fat to become muscle! Muscle act as an inner furnace for your body and burns your fat as well throughout the day! That's why people with more muscle need to eat more often.

How does exercise help you lose weight if muscle builds on fat?

the bigger your muscle becomes, bigger consume of energy after exercise. After aprox. 20 min of exercise you will use your energy from the fat, and if your intake of energy is less than your consume, is just math. Muscle doesn't build fat (it burns it) and muscle weighs more than fat. If you became a body builder and had good muscles and then years later didn't bother to keep up your exercise regime this is when the muscle would turn to fat. Muscle cannot turn to fat. But if you do not continue working it you will lose muscle mass and burn less calories. If you do not eat less or exercise more to compensate for this reduction in muscle mass than you will gain weight back in the form of fat.

How can I lose fat and not muscle if I can't exercise on a daily basis?

To lose fat and not muscle, you need a way to maintain that muscle. Even if you can't exercise on a regular basis, you might be able to flex your muscles frequently to keep it working while at your desk or watching TV.

Is muscle made from fat?

Muscle is mostly composed of protein, but it has fat interwoven in it for insulation.

At what rate does muscle turn to fat without exercise?

Muscle Doesn't Turn To Fat

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