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Q: Does fiji passport need visa for samoa?
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Can you go to Samoa from American Samoa without a passport?

No, you need a passport or a visa

Do Indian passport need visa for Fiji?

Indian passport holder do not visa to enter fiji island. you can get visa on arrival after showing you return air fair and you need to present you have sufficient funds to support yourself in fiji.

List visa free country for Fiji passport holder?

visa free country for fiji

Do you need a visa if you have an European passport to go to Fiji and then back to Australia?

You need money first

Do you need visa to get a passport?

You need a passport to get a visa

Can take on arrival Fiji visa for Sri lankan passport holders?

can take on arrivalSlovakia visa for Srilanka passport holders?

Nigeria passport visa free to Fiji?

Fiji offers visa free entry to Nigerian passport holders. However, this facility is limited to a stay of four months or less.

Does an immigrant from Miami need a passport to go to Samoa?

A US Passport holder does not need a visa to enter or stay in either the sovereign state of 'Samoa' or the US territory of 'American Samoa'. The former allows visits of no longer than 60-days without a visa and the latter 90-days. Stays in excess of the allowed limits, including permanent residence, do require a visa.

Does a swaziland passport need a visa for England?

Is a swaziland passport need a visa to uk?

Do bulgarian passport need Canadian visa?

no bulgarian passport holders need no visa

Do you need visa for Fiji when traveling from Ghana?

No, Ghana is one of the exempted countries on Visa to Fiji.

Do you need a passport or visa to visit china?

You need both a passport and a visa to visit China.

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