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If you mean "Does Firestone make farm tractor tires?" then yes, they do make farm tractor tires. They have an agricultural division that would offer those type of tires for the agricultural equipment.

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For those who have never had to buy tractor tires before, wading through the tons of different types of tractor tires available can be both confusing and exhausting! It is very important to choose tires that will fit the needs of the tractor’s owner. The following information will help owners and tractor users choose the right farm tractor tires for them. This is a very important choice, as replacing all four tires on a tractor can easily cost up to $15,000! There are many different activities that farm tractors can perform. Some of them include pulling, planting, harvesting, and tilling. Individuals should be careful to buy tires that will help perform the tasks they do most often the best while still being useful for other tasks. For example, one farmer may use a specific tractor mainly for harvesting but also for light tilling; if this farmer chose farm tractor tires that were great for harvesting but interfered with tilling, it would limit the use of his tractor. A compromise is usually needed to find the right farm tractor tires for each owner. One important tip is to know the load-bearing capacity of the tires being purchased. There are several extensions which can be added to a tractor (such as harvesting equipment attached to the back, bin extensions, etc.) that raise the weight on the farm tractor tires by potentially thousands of pounds. Take regularly used add-ons into consideration when choosing farm tractor tires because nothing wears out a set of tires more quickly than overloading. Another major choice that those in the market for farm tractor tires will have to make is whether to use radial or bias tires. Bias tires are the basic sort used on tractors. They have rubber compounds that help the tire grip mud and rough terrain quite well and a design that allows the body of the tire to flex when in use. This produces a smooth ride but is also responsible for a number of shortcomings such as wearing out much more quickly than radial tires and giving the tractor driver much less control when moving at higher than usual speeds. Radial tires can improve traction by up to 15% and cause less soil compaction. A decrease in slippage from these farm tractor tires means that projects can be completed in less time and thus help farmers save money on their fuel bills. However, this does not come at a low price; these tires are significantly more expensive than bias tires. Overall, when choosing farm tractor tires it is important to be sure that the right choice is made for the duties performed by the tractor.

Tractors have small tires on the front to make it easier to steer the tractor. Large tires are harder to steer. The large tires in the back allow the tractor to have more power as it plows.

Generally, if you will be driving the tractor on private land, then when the adults in your life can make the decision as to when you are old enough to safely drive the tractor.

Unlike used car tires, used tractor tires are frequently a good investment. Since tractors are generally slow-moving and work over soft surfaces, they experience far less friction damage. Since tractor tires can last for years or even decades, purchasing used tires can save you hundreds of dollars.Used versus new tractor tiresPurchasing used tires instead of new ones makes sense. First, since tractor tires are frequently available at auctions, carefully watching and attending events can get you an excellent deal. Also, many tractor dealerships either sell used tires or can put you in touch with a used-tire seller. Since they are so readily available, good deals are easy to find.Deciding if the tires are goodWhen you look at used tractor tires, analyzing their condition is not the same as doing it to car tires. First, tractor tires do not have deep treads, which is the easiest way to tell if car tires are bad. Also, unlike the myth that barely used tires are best, tractor tires are different. Not being used means that dry rot could have eaten out the insides of the tire, making them almost useless. A little recent wear is good.Used tires need to be used. Stationary tires can contain dry rot damage. Deciding the type of tire neededMany types of tractor tires exist. The one you need all depends on the purpose and the surface. Deep lug tires work on extremely muddy surfaces. Agricultural tires and diamond-treaded tires run through fields without tearing the rows and dirt. Make sure you purchase the correct tire for your needs.Used tractor tires are preferable to new ones because they can save hundreds of dollars. A few minutes of research and a little knowledge can put all that money right back in your bank account.

Yes, normally you can as long as you are going from one job/farm to another. Make sure you have your slow moving triangle displayed on the rear of the tractor or you could be sited.

If you need to get tractor tires, it is very important that you get them used. This saves a lot of money because new tractor tires cost--as you probably know--lots. However, you will have to go over the exterior of the tires to make sure there aren't any leaks. Maybe ask to try out the tires before you buy them. Then you can get a sense of any leaks and how serious they are. Ask lots of questions about whatever you are wondering about. Knowledge is power and you will have to understand the product in order to save money.

My online search for a Buffalo, NY tractor tire dealer turned up Donald Pleace Tire Sale and Service. If they don't have the tire you're looking for, and offer tractor tires for nearly every make and model. You can get tractor tires from Bob's Tire Sales & Service at Route 78, Java Center, NY 14082. Their phone number is (585) 457-9541‎.

Generally, if you will be driving the tractor on private land, the adults in your life can make the decision as to when you are old enough to safely drive the tractor. If you are 16 you can take your tractor driving test or if you have passed it then you can then drive it on the road.

Some practical ways to recycle and reuse old tractor tires are using them as a tree swing for kids, boat bumpers, planters, retaining walls, and sandboxes. One way you can reuse old tractor tires would be to make flower beds out of them. It helps to recycle the old tire while making your yard look nice.

Tractors are useful machines that come in handy when you are doing heavy jobs like in the farm, carrying large cargo or even in an industry. Tractors uses tires to move about and it needs the best kind of tires to be able to work at optimum levels. There are certain places where you can buy tractor tires to replace old ones on your tractor. There is an option of buying new tires or old tires and still get good tires. Second hand tires cost less than new ones but they are also in good working conditions. Whether it is the front of rear tire that you want, you need to know the correct tire threading design and size of the tire to buy. There are tires for lawnmowers, garden tractors, landscaping tractors, farming and agricultural tractors, and other kinds of tractors. Lawn mower tires are slightly smaller in size compared to garden tractor tires and agricultural tractors. The rear tires are mostly larger than the front tires and they can cost more money than the front ones. Tractor tires are built strong compared to vehicle tires because the tractor is used to do much more heavy jobs compared to cars. The available brands in the market are many but a few of them are Pirelli, Trellborg, Carlisle among others like BF Goodrich. Depending on the brand and size of the tire, you will spend different amounts of cash. To buy the tires at good prices, you can look out for special offers at certain stores and get discounts that will lower the buying price. Some of the places where you can get the tires is agricultural machinery stores where related items are sold such as the tractors. You can also get tractor tires at stores where other machines are sold or heavy vehicles such as trucks and tractors. If you fit the correct size and type of tire on your tractor you make it more effective and hence increase its working life too. Having the wrong tire can result in slower movements and at times even accidents that can result from the tire coming off or damaging other tractor components attached to it.

Constantly subjected to heavy wear, tires of any type eventually degrade and require replacement; hard-working farm tractor tires are no exception. The biggest initial obstacle to replacing a tire is the near countless number of sizes and varieties available, which vary not only by type of vehicle, but by desired use.Tires for new tractorsIf the tractor was purchased new, your owner's manual details the model numbers for parts likely to require replacement down the road. Tractor tires are among the parts listed in this manual, which lists the tire size installed out of the factory. Factory tires are built for dry, flat surface use; if mud tires are required, checking with the tractor dealer after you know the proper size of flat surface tires is recommended.Flat surface tires are different than mud tires and are built for a standard dry environment application. Mud tires are useful in areas with heavy rainfall and are specifically constructed for greater traction with deeper treads. Tires for older tractorsFinding tires for older tractors is a little more challenging, especially if very little is known about the original parts of the tractor. All tires include their width and diameter imprinted somewhere along the inner rim, and some tires also have the size listed. However, on older tires that have undergone significant wear, this information may have rubbed away over time. In this case, taking the old tire to a dealer who specializes in replacements is a recommended alternative.When purchasing a used tractor, it is important to note any information that is available on the installed tires immediately; jot down these details and keep them readily accessible. All tires require replacement eventually, and knowing the right make and model of tire, as well as the proper rim size, saves headaches farther down the road.

In some weather conditions, tractors cannot perform well without chains attached the tires for traction. Snow, mud, and ice are all conditions that would make it rather difficult for a tractor to perform its normal duties. Neglecting to attach chains to farm tractor tires could result in the tractor becoming stuck in a bad position. Attaching chains would greatly affect the tractor’s performance against hairy situations such as these, and it would greatly eliminate the possibility of getting stuck. Preparing the Tractor for Attaching the Chains You’re going to need a little bit of room to attach the chains to the farm tractor tires, so park the tractor in a location that allows about 8 yards of room to move forward. Preparing the Chains Start by laying the chains out directly in front of the tires that they will be affixed to. Be sure to face the side of the chain that will go against the tire up so that they are facing in the proper direction when you go to drive over them. Also, it’s important to remember that different sized tires call for different sized chains so keep this in mind when preparing the chains. You can do this by measuring the circumference. Driving the Tractor over the Chains Hop on the tractor and move it where the tires are centered over the chains. This is an important step because you will want them to meet perfectly at the very top of the tire when you’re going to connect them together. So, yes, there should be an equal amount of chain before and after the tire. Connecting the Chains over the Tires While holding the front and back parts of the chains, pull them together over the tire. If you correctly drove over the chains, they should meet directly above the tire in the center. Now that they have met, it’s time to connect them. There may be slightly different variations of the way they connect depending on the manufacturer of the chains. Make sure there is no slack whatsoever. Testing the Chains Hop back onto the tractor and perform a test drive to insure that the chains stay properly attached.

Tractor tires are an expensive investment; at their life’s end every tractor owner will still remember the large amount spent on the initial purchase. The idea of simply discarding something that so much money was spent on is almost painful, but the good news is that there are numerous ways to utilize tractor tires which are no longer suitable for driving on. Those who wish to earn money for their used tractor tires may simply advertise in a local newspaper or free classified publication. Many local newspapers and circulars offer online access; sometimes radio stations also have websites where items may be listed for sale. There are countless things a person could use tractor tires for, from an art project to a sand box. Often people who like to use discarded items for crafty purposes will be happy to pay for a tractor tire or two. Recycling is another great way to make money for used tractor tires. Most cities and towns either have a landfill or designated recycling center with facilities to collect tires. Because of their large mass many recycling centers offer a fair price for used tractor tires. Prices vary from one state to the next depending on the demands but on average an owner may expect about $20.00 per tire. Perhaps owners of used tractor tires may not want to sell or recycle them; there are several creative ways to make the tires serve a useful or decorative purpose. Used tractor tires may either be left their original color or painted and used for projects. By filling the used tire with soil, those who have a green thumb may enjoy turning the tire into a small garden. Filling these tires with flowers is a great way to add some country charm to any lawn or yard. Some farmers like to use tires to make Keep Out signs and place them on fence posts. Used tractor tires may be tied to a secure tree branch and serve as a tire swing for children. The possibilities are endless; with so many ways to utilize or make money from used tractor tires, there is no need to discard them.

Tractor used for many purposes like hauling a trailer or machinery used in agriculture or construction. It's best used to mechanized agricultural tasks, in order to make a farm jobs easier by using tractor.

Certainly, the tire manufacturer doesn't make a differance, just the tire size. Michelin make a great car tire, and they are one of the longest lasting "car" tires that can be placed on a car. I'm a diesel mechanic that deals with lots of different types of Tractor trailer tires, and I found Mich's are horrible for tractor trailers, but great (and the only tires I personally use) on my own car. "diesel tractor" do you mean "farm tractor" or "semi tractor"? You're SUPPOSED only to put off road diesel in a farm tractor. That's why they make it. If you have put it in a semi tractor, get hold of your dispatch/brief/lawyer right away for advice on what to do. If you have a pre-2007 engine your trouble is almost exclusively legal. If your engine is 2007 or 2010 compliant, you're probably going to screw up your EGR and diesel particulate filter, which will break your engine.

Farm tractor parts are very expensive, and buying used farm tractor parts has many advantages. Cost, of course, is the major driving force that makes tractor owners decide to buy used parts. Here are some steps that will help you purchase used farm tractor parts. The advent of Internet has made it easier these days to locate a dealer who sells used farm tractor parts. There are websites that are dedicated to buying used tractor parts, and these websites would be the best place to start looking. Understand your tractor and all the associated parts in it. Basic details like the model number, manufactured year, and any special parts in your tractor model will be helpful when you talk to a dealer. One major advantage of trying to buy online is that each part will have an image of the product. This will give a clear idea of what is for sale and help you narrow down your search. In the event of buying the parts in person, check for damages or corrosion and make sure the parts are in working condition. When you buy any product online there are associated costs involved. For instance, shipping charges will be levied to send the parts you ordered. Normally used farm tractor parts will have a warranty or guarantee. The exception to this is when you buy the used farm tractor parts from a repair store or licensed dealer; you may not get this guarantee or warranty. Though you will not get a warranty, you can still be eligible for a 30-day trial period where you can return the parts that do not work or are damaged. Though buying used farm tractor parts is a viable and cheap option it has its disadvantages too. You must understand that used parts are easily prone to wear and tear compared to a new tractor part. Another big factor to keep in mind is that there is always the risk of getting into compatibility issues. You can avoid this to some extent by knowing the correct model, manufactured year and make of your tractor. There is a lot of time and money that can be saved by buying used farm tractor parts. Research thoroughly, and enjoy your savings.

The farm tractor has made farming more efficient and reduced the time it takes to do things. For some farmers it reduces the number of farm hands needed to do the work. By reducing time of labor, how much ground can be covered and reducing the number of employees many farmers can make more money or at least not lose as much money.

i think ether your parents can make that decision but someone told me that you have to be 14 so i don't really no which answer it is so OK

Every farm needs some sort of tractor or field mower to keep down the grass and other overgrowth. You make want to check your local John Deere stores for suggestions.

Kenda tires seem to make specialty tires, it is listed as a category on their website. They make a lot of other types of tires as well, including wheelchair and turf.

Yes, they do make them for all vehicles including cars, tractors, and motorcycles. Firestone has been making them since 1948 and still is making them.

Farmers rely on tractors for nearly everything that has to do with planting, dusting, harvesting, and almost everything else there is to do on a farm that raises crops. The tractors that they have are their way to keep the farm alive, and without it the farm could easily die. Without a tractor it would be impossible to harvest all the crops on the farm because of the size of farms these days. One of the reasons that a farmer may not have a tractor is that the tractor broke down. This can be devastating, especially if it happens during planting or harvesting season. A broken down tractor is not good for anything and needs to be fixed right away. The most important thing to make sure goes on when fixing a tractor is that the tractor needs to be fixed correctly. Quick fixes, which are sometimes used on cars and other things, will not work for tractors. The intense vibrations on the tractor and all of the dust and dirt that tractors are exposed to can dislodge or break any temporary fix that may have been installed. Taking a tractor to a mechanic is the best call, but it is the most expensive call. Knowing how to fix the tractor would definitely come in handy. Although it is a bit more complicated, a tractor engine is basically like the engine of a car. The same basic principles apply and the same parts are attached. Knowing a bit about tractor engines can come in handy when a tractor has broken down. Finding the right parts that are needed to fix it can be a problem, however. It is not that easy to go into an auto parts store and be able to find a replacement part for a tractor. These items are not stocked in normal stores, but they are stocked in farming stores and tractor dealerships. Special attention will need to be paid to every place around that sells tractor parts. Having the right parts is critical to the running of a tractor and making sure that the model continues its service. Having a running tractor is critical to the survival of a farm.

The Tire Rack offers BFGoodrich, Bridgestone, Continental, Dick Cepek, Dunlop, Fireston, Fuzion, General Tire, Goodyear, Hankook, Hoosier, Michelin, Pirelli, Sumitomo, Uniroyal, Yokohama and Kumho. However, it's important you talk to a representative so they can match the tire to the make and model of the vehicle to be used on.

Yes, they make excellent tires.