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Yes. It does hurt, however sometimes it hurts more than others. Really, when it comes down to it: it's how you can handle pain. For me personally, it only hurt for the first initial 20 seconds; the rest of smooth sailing.

My suggestions to prevent unnecessary pain: use a butt load of lube. Or have him "stimulate" you during fore-play, so that you're lubricated yourself o:

Either way, make sure the guy listens to what YOU have to say. If it hurts, tell him to stop & adjust to it. The main keys are=lube, & being patient.

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Why does it hurt when a girl first has sex?

It hurts because if it's the first time, then your hymen breaks and that really hurts.

Does the insides of your thighs hurts after first time sex?


Does first time sex hurt for men?

No. It usually only hurts for women

What does it mean when sex hurts after the first time?

because the hymen is being ruptured.

Dose sex hurt?

People are designed to deeply satisfy each other. If a woman's hymen is torn the first time she has sex, it hurts, but after that, if it hurts, there is something seriously wrong.

Does sex feel gorgeous?

Yes! It does but if its your first time it has to b with some1 speacial or then u wud regret it but sex hurts at first but then it feels amaazin :)

Does sex hurt really bad?

If it is your first few times having sex then yes it hurts.

Does it hurt a girl the first time she has sex?

It hurts the first few times, I've experienced it, But it doesn't hurt that much!

What does it mean when he says he wants you?

he wants to have sex with you if you are a virgin stay that way it hurts your first time trust me

Does it hurt to have penis in you?

Sex usually hurts the first time, and it can also hurt if you're not wet between the legs.

How can I make sex fun?

Your first time is NEVER fun it hurts like a muther ****** hurtz really bad the first time but then i guess you get used to it the mmore you do it

Does it hurts when first sex?

Deos a bear "sheet" in the woods?

How bad does sex hurts the first time?

Well the first time I had sex it hurt just a little bit. Truthfully, it only hurt while he was entering me. Once he was inside of me, it didn't hurt anymore. I couldn't even feel him inside of me.

Does sex hurt for a six grader?

You shouldnt have sex when your in sixth grade, but if you really want to know, sex always hurts a little the first time, but after that it feels good. (And by the way, you can only get pregnant if you have your periods!)

Why is sex sometimes painful for a woman the first time?

it was painful for me the first time because it is the first time something that big is inside of you but if you are relaxed it will most likely hurt less. the reason it hurts is because your vagina is stretching to new sizes.

Is it natural for your girlfriend not to enjoy sex if she is underage and bleeds after sex and hurts after sex?

Yes, I would not enjoy sex either if I bleed after sex and it hurts later.

During 1st time sex a boy felt pain. why it happend?

That's the way it feels all the time. Sex hurts. Haven't you heard the term from pain comes pleasure? Well, this is where it comes from. Just get used to it. Sex really, really hurts.

Do women find sex painful?

wHeN iTs ThErE fIrSt TiMe It HuRtS lIk F*cK bUt DaN yEw CaNt StOp!! -BaBy GrL wAs HeRe

What happens when you get hit in the nuts?

it hurts if your dick snaps if your hsaveing sex all the time

What does it mean if you hurt during sex?

Honey,when having sex it is suppose to hurt if it's your first time or you have not had sez in awhile. Sometimes it may hurt when you have contracted an STD which i hope you have not but it feels good i think when it hurts at times the sex is better.

What hurts more sex or fingering?

definitely sex,

Does sex hurt for the first time for men?

No.Sex hurts for women because the hymen gets broken, the first time.There is no similar items for men.But, the first time a man has sex, there is an increased chance of premature ejaculation. It feels so good, that he has not trained himself to delay his climax. This can be embarrasing for the man, and annoying to the woman who is just getting warmed up. Oh well. Wait a half hour and do it again. He will last longer that time.Yknow, on second thought, Anal Sex would hurt a man the first time. But... I dont think that was what you meant.

Does it hurt when your virginty brakes?

It usually hurts a bit for most girls. But dont worry, if you plan on having sex for the first time soon and you are worried it will hurt, just practice first. Like with a vibrator or something. It only hurts cause your vagina has to stretch and its not used to doing that.

Does it hurt the frist time you have sex'?

For the girl, most of the time, yes, it hurts the first time you have sex. When the male's penis breaks the female's hymen (also known as "popping the cherry") it is known to hurt for a few seconds. Luckily, if it happens right, you immediately start feeling immense pleasure.

What are a womans physical feelings during sexual intercourse explain?

well when they're having sex for the first time they're physical feelings are omg my vag