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Yes he does, at level 54.

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Flareon can be a Male but it can also be a Female.Flareon can be either male or female, depending on the gender the Eevee it evolves from has. With a few exceptions, such as legendary Pokemon, every Pokemon can be either male or female as of Pokemon Gold and Silver (Red, Blue, and Yellow didn't have genders).

anything he learns in the real games-ember(good because all moves in mystery dungeon are the same power, it's as strong as flamethrower and fireblast), flamethrower, quick attack, swift, tackle, etc.

parasect can learn cut bellsprout to and a farfetch´d krabby kan also learn cut

Good Question, I had a Charmander as a starter. It's at level. 89 but I remember it at lv. 31

Any water pokemon. Goldeen, Barboach (etc.)

blue flare is a move exclusive to reshiram at lvl 100. emboar can't learn it.

Voltorb is the best choice cause he isn't useful

They can evolve into Flareon, Jolteon, Vaporeon, Espeon, or Umbreon, To get Flareon, Jolteon, or Vaporeon, you must get a Thunderstone, Waterstone, or Firestone. To get Espeon or Umbreon, you must have a specific IQ. Hope that helped!

It depends what stone you take with you... e.g. Eevee + Water Stone = Vaporeon Eevee + Fire Stone = Flareon

Level 1 - Scratch Level 1 - Growl Level 9 - Ember Level 15 - Leer Level 24 - Rage Level 36 - Slash Level 46 - Flamethrower Level 55 - Fire Spin

In red and blue they learn it at level 10.

Almost all Fire and Electric Type pokemon, and some psychic

you can teach it to your Pokemon if it can learn it or you can sell it

You can evolve Eevee by giving it:A thunder stone evolves it into: JolteonA water stone evolves it into: VaporeonA fire stone evolves it into: Flareon


Sing is not a TM move. Pokemon learn it naturally, like Jigglypuff or Clefairy.

Around level 36, it will be his last technique

you need more stronger to learn hydro pump but do you have a more stronger to learn this hydro pump

You can't. Since it is modified after the original Red and Blue versions, it only has the evolutions present in Red and Blue: Flareon (using a fire stone), Jolteon (thunder stone), and Vaporeon (water stone).