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It is strictly up to the probation officer. I think that it also depends on the violation, i.e., is it a technical violation (not reporting, not paying supervision fees, fines) or was there another crime "allegedly" committed. But usually, yes. And as far as the "10 day rule"....that is not true. I have known of people being incarcerated waiting for another state to come pick them up for up to 30 days, not counting weekends. Your question is rather vague. I don't know if said person is currently incarcerated. I think it also depends on when the violation occurred. I am certainly no expert, but am speaking from what I know and what *I* have seen with my own eyes. The best thing to do is to contact the probation officer or the probation office (if the specific officers name is not known). Hope this helps!

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Q: Does Florida expedite to Maryland for a violation of probation?
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Will you go to jail on a technical violation of probation in Florida?

It depends on what the violation is and what you are on probation for.

What is the statue of limitation for violation of probation in Florida?

here in the state of Florida the is no statue of limitation on a probation violation (SORRY)

Will Florida extradite from Georgia for violation of probation?

Yes, in most cases they will confirm extradition for violation of probation.

What is the consequences for violation of probation for owing court cost?

in florida

Does Florida extradite for felony probation violation?

Florida will come to Alaska to get u if u violate felony probation...they will come anywhere....

If someone in Washington state is wanted in Florida for a felony violation of probation will they be extradited back to Florida?

no the will go to jail in the state that they are in

Will Florida extradite someone being held in Iowa with no criminal charge just holding them on a misdeamenor probation violation and the probation officer has retired?


Will Pennsylvania extradite on a driving under the influence misdemeanor violation when you're in jail in Florida on a probation violation and how long will that take?


Does Florida extradite for violation of probation for misdemeanor pocession of cannabis under 20 grams?

In Florida, Yes. VOP is a felony even if the original crime was a misdemeanor.

What is the statute of limitations for misdemeanor violation of probation warrant in Florida?

Unfortunately there is NO statue of limitations on a Warrant. I think you have this mixed up with a Statute of Limitation on the actual Crime you were placed on probation for.

Have a felony warrant for violation of probation for littering in Florida will they come get you in Texas?

In all probability, yes. All felony VOP's are extraditable.

Will Texas extradite for a probation violation to Florida?

Yes, they could... if they wanted to. It might depend on the seriousness of the original offense and what the VOP consisted of.

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