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Does free verse rhyme?


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The words "free" and "verse" do not rhyme.

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No they can't because then it's a rhyme poem. ^^ that answer is bull. ^^ Of course it can rhyme. It's free verse, meaning it's free to do what you want. As long as the rhyme has no set pattern to it, it is still free verse.

Free verse does not have to rhyme. Rhymed verse does.

Free verse is poetry without rhyme or regular meter.

it can either have a rhyme scheme or it can be free verse. Free verse is free to do whatever it wants, any 'ol time... but there is also blank verse. Blank verse does not have a set rhyme scheme, but it does follow iambic pentameter (meter).

Most of the times, no. But occasionally it does rhyme.

free verse and open verse =^.^=

No it is a free verse :)

Free verse poetry is poetry that does not have a rhyme scheme.

It does not have a formal rhyme scheme. It is in free verse.

Poems with out Rhyme are known as Free Verse Poems

No, a free verse poem does not rhyme and a prose is everyday words and sentences

You can, but as a teacher, it is not advised.

No it is not free verse because free verse poems do not rhyme. Footprints does. Walked, talked, scene, serene, etc.

A free verse is a line in a poem that does not rhyme or repeat. free verse poetry is any poetry that has no specific rhythm or meter, and typically does not have any rhyming. poetry without rhyme or anything specific just a poem.

Blank verse or free verse. I fink a peom with no rhyme is called ... what ever he said [ but it ain't true ]

A free verse poem is a poem that doesn't have any rhyme and fixed metrical patterns.

Free verse is poetry that doesn't have a rhyme scheme or meter as is found in other forms of poetry.

No it doesn't. For instance it could be a stanza of a free verse poem, which does not have to rhyme at all.

No rules, and usually no rhythm or rhyme.

poetry that does not rhyme or have a regular meter.

The poem "As I Grew Older" does not have a rhyme scheme. It is written in free verse and doesn't follow a true pattern.There is no specific rhyme scheme in "As I Grew Older." The poem is written in free verse.

A poem with no rhythm or rhyme is typically called free verse. This type of poem can also be considered blank verse.

A free verse poem can have as many lines as you want it to have. There is no rhyme or measure throughout this poem.

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