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yes it does

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Does freezing affect seed germination?


Does acid rain affect germination of seeds?

Yes, acid rain does affect germination of seeds by mixing in with the soil and damaging the seed coating.

Does water affect seed germination rate?

No, at any cost water will affect the germination rate of seeds.

How will sunlight affect cress seeds to grow?

Sunlight signals for germination of cress seeds

Does the amount of water affect the germination of Mongo seeds?


How does the concentration of vinegar affect the germination of radish seeds?

It kills it

Does sprite affect the germination of radish seeds?

On germination: normal sprite (from a bottle) will not allow the seeds to germinate. HOWEVER: after the seeds have germinated (using water), sprite seems to be benefial.

How does water affect the germination of seeds?

Water will typically start the germination process of seeds. This is because the water is needed to break down the protective shell on the seed.

Does water affect the size of mongo seeds?

yes, during germination.

Does freezing seeds affect their growth?


What is the formula in getting the percentage of germination of seeds?

(# of seeds germinated/# of seeds sown)*100=% of germination

How does pH affect seed germination plants?

Yes, pH can affect the seed germination of plants. It may cause issues with the seeds pickling if the pH of the soil is not right, despite light being the biggest factor in germination.

Do vitamins affect the germination of seeds?


Does moisture affect the germination of seeds?

Very much so. Without at least a little moisture, there are no seeds I'm aware of which will germinate.

Does sugar help bean seeds germination?

High concentration sugar inhibitors seeds germination.

How does the amount of water affect germination rate?

The enzymes in the dry seeds get activated after absorbing water and it unlocks several chemical reaction leading to the germination of seed.

Does light affect germination rate?

Yes, light does affect germination rate. Because light can extend for a short distance into the soil, seeds that obtain light often germinate faster than those that do not.

What stimulates germination of desert plant seeds after a hard rain?

The water itself stimulates the germination of the seeds.

Why does temperature affect mongo seed germination?

because mongo seeds are always planted in tropical places so temperature always afects in the germination of mongo seed

Does the soaking of seeds affect germination?

of course. controled soaking and drying is used to create primed seeds. the water starts the germination process. of course the root will soon need oxygen so if you keep it soaked it will suffacte and die.

What is hypogeal germination?

Hypogeal germination is generally seen on monocots seeds

How does salinity affect seed germination?

The salt inhibits germination of seeds. Although a little bit of salt does help the seed to grow more than if it just had normal water.

What facts affect seed germination?

Heat, moisture, and airflow. Some seeds also need light to germinate.

How microwaves affect seed germination?

While microwaves may produce edible food from the seeds placed within, once microwaved , the seeds are not capable of germinating. If the soil and water are microwaved, the result are very different and are beneficial to the seed germination.

What is germination rate?

the percentage of seeds that geminate in a given group of seeds. If you sow 10 seeds and only one germinates (sprouts) then you have a 10% germination rate